Boyfast of Champions

It seems as though a lot of you have been experiencing boy troubles lately. Now that spring has sprung those feelings are going to intensify and have the ability to cause even those most level headed among us to spiral out of control. On March 23 Julia posted a comment suggesting a boyfast and I have to say I agree.

What’s a boyfast? If you read Bratfest at Tiffany’s you already know it’s what Massie Block suggested the Pretty Committee do when their boy obsessions got out of control. It’s a boy-free week. Time to focus on yourself, your friends, your family, and all that charity work you keep meaning to do. I’m not suggesting you delete any contacts or write the old fellas off completely. We are human, after all. I’m simply suggesting a week off. A cleanse if you will. A way to get back in control before the boys of summer come around. Because those ones are real trouble.


1. Stop taking that phone with you. It sounds insane, like, “What next? Leave a lung in my locker?” But the more it’s with you the more you’ll be tempted to text and check texts. Can you leave it in the car during that trip to the mall? If not, ask a friend to hold it while you’re together. Anything to avoid temptation.

2. Plan a full on girl’s week of fun get-togethers that have nothing to do with boys.

3. All of you get 100 points at the beginning of the fast. If you mention a boy that is NOT a blood relative or a teacher and you lose a point. At the end of the fast, the one with the lowest score has to treat everyone else to (insert awesome thing here).

4. Fact. There are a lot of clothes out there that girls love and boys hate. Boyfriend jeans being at the top of the list. They make us feel thin and comfortable but they make guys think we poo’ed our Cosabellas. Trust me on this. No matter how high the heel, they still hate them. SO BUST THEM OUT! This week is all for you. Baggy sweats? Do it! Baseball cap instead of flatiron? Bring it! And for heaven’s sake, give that razor a break. (I say a bonus point for the girl with the hairiest legs by the end of the week.)

5. Okay, relax. I have a feeling a lot of you are all mad at me now because #4 implied that you dress and shave for boys and not your own dignity. That’s not what I’m suggesting. I’m simply trying to make a point. And that is what ever decision you make during the boyfast make sure it’s for you and not some guy you’re trying to impress. There are 52 weeks in a year. He shouldn’t get all of them.

Here is the pledge Massie wrote for the Pretty Committee in Bratfest at Tiffany’s. All together now:

I pledge the following to you,

To rid myself of boys

Done and done, they are through.

I’ll focus of fashion,

Study new trends in beauty,

Strengthen my friendships,

And tighten my booty.

You won’t find me flirting,

Or talking to guys

No texting, IMing,

No batting my eyes.

I’m above that now,

Been there done that,

Time for the LBRs

To have their turn at bat.

Let them wear tight clothes

And watch boring soccer (No offense, Kristen!)

Let them laugh at fart jokes,

Let them be the stalker!

It’s BFF time

No boys, not ever.

Because BFF has a new meaning

And that’s Boyfast Forever!

(Feel free to modify the words to your own liking.)

Alright, who’s in?


Tonight at sundown until next Wednesday sundown.Β  Let’s ride!




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  • Brittney says:

    Oh i also wanted to tell yall that PIXAR and Disney are making a second Finding Nemo! It is going to be called Finding Dory! πŸ™‚ I am so excited, i love PIXAR and all of there movies.

  • Brittney says:

    so first it has been forever since i have actually commented on here but i have been reading all of the blah-g posts you make every week and they are awesome and very helpful by the way. I love all the tips and advice you give us! πŸ™‚

  • Laura says:

    Anyone here doing Camp NaNo?

  • Haylee says:

    OMG OMG OMG I’m so dead right now. Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters trailer PLUS City of Bones trailer in one day?! My heart can’t handle all this.

    • Julia says:

      THEY ARE MAKING A SECOND PERCY JACKSON MOVIE?!?!?! Wait- but the first one was horrible….

      • Julia says:

        OK, I change my mind. I just watched the trailer and it looks AH-MAZING!!! Except Clairesse looks prettier than I remember.
        Thank goodness they changed Annabeth’s hair color.

  • Arianna says:
    I have a new blog post up! Also I changed my blog URL from to
    Check it out!

    • Kathy says:

      OMG!!! So jealous about the T-Swift tickets!! I can’t go to any of the concerts she has announced yet, but when I can I’ll get tickets!!!!! I’ve been watching the preformances posted on her website or that fans posted on YouTube. It seems amazing and I really hope you have fun πŸ™‚
      Good luck with Chase, I hope things work out!

      — Kathy

  • Haylee says:

    Ah, I’ve liked boys and all, but I’ve never had a real bf and I honestly don’t think I want to anytime soon.
    BTW, I’ve NEVER shaved. i do wax sometimes but not a lot.

  • i soo rember that clique novel. im re reading it again. xoxo.

  • Gel says:

    Good thing it’s summer over here AND I’ll be going to a diff. place for vacay :DDD

    Bad news: No friends to hang with :'(

    Worse news: My GUY friend (strictly guy friend) blocked me on FB, and he’s been one of my best pals since middle school. He’s really pissed at me ‘coz I jokingly asked him if he was gay.
    Oops :'( I apologized countless times but….
    What's worse is he blocked me on my BIRTHDAY yesterday (mar 28, same as gaga's).
    And that kinda boiled my bubbles. That's just RUDE. on my birthday?! really??? Really? You couldn't wait a week?

    Anyway, any advice? Should I just ignore during the boyfast? :<

    P.s. can i get a bday greeting too Lisi :)))

  • Aisha says:

    Like Arianna my entire ife has either been a boyfast or me trying to make my awful face more appealing to boys, and both are equally depressing so I guess I’m up to it. The thing is though that pretty people look pretty even when they’re dressing down, and then there are undesirable people like myself who have to work hard to look even slightly presentable, and downright horrendous when not trying. Sigh. ‘Tis a sad life. Nobody probably remembers me since I barely comment anymore, so I guess I’m just going to retreat back into wherever. Bye

    • Arianna says:

      Being pretty and being attractive to guys is not the end all be all in this world. So you may not be the prettiest girl in the room, who cares? You could be the smartest, the fastest, the most fit, anything. But then again, you could be the prettiest girl in a different room, but also be the dumbest, the slowest, and the most out of shape. Everyone has something that works for them and that is what shines about them.

      I’m the ugly friend, but I can also run four miles, not quickly, but I can do it. I’m the most fit of my friends, even though I’m not the skinniest. Being pretty means nothing. You may not get attention or guys, but that just means you have room to grow and become stronger. Do you want to be a weak girl who is dependent on guys and needs them to feel pretty and worth something? Or would you rather be a strong, independent woman who can build herself up and take care of herself?

      I know I much rather be the latter. I was taught growing up that if a man couldn’t provide you with more than what you can provide yourself, you don’t need one. And if they’re shallow enough to only care about looks then obviously they have no ambition and will fail outside of high school so they’re not worth your time anyway.

      Stop worrying about the way you look and focus on being a smart and strong young lady, okay? No one likes pity parties and whining about the way you look and comparing yourself to other is ONLY going to make you depressed and sad. So just stop and focus on the good in your life.

  • Maggie says:

    I haven’t shaved in a month. It’s winter so I’m wearing jeans ^u^

  • Julia says:

    Woo! I inspired a blah-g! Just kidding πŸ™‚
    That’s totally cool. I’ve been having boy problems (not as extreme as others…) but I’m SO doing this. I’ll be the Dylan! She is really the only one who did it for real. Boys just sometimes (even though they can be easy to talk to sometimes (read the sometimes 5 more times)) don’t get it. But then if WE do something wrong, they flip.
    πŸ˜€ Julia
    P.S. I cannot do the shaving thing. I mostly wear shorts to bed and I cannot STAND the feeling. Ugh.

  • rujuta says:

    great idea lisi πŸ˜€ ill keep this in mind for when i need a boyfast…. i decided to start a blog so check it out if you’re bored or interested :p πŸ˜€

  • Laila N says:

    I think I’m on a permanent boyfast until school’s over, but I’m signing up anyway x) I can show off my expertise ^_^

  • Kathy says:

    Hi Lisi!!

    Thanks for the advice, I’m going to start my boy fast over because” I COMPLETELY failed. But now that I’ve got a guidline it seems like I’ll do better!

    Thanks soooooo much!!

  • Hero says:

    Just what I need right now – prom has been causing me all kinds of unneeded stress… Good idea!

  • You’re ah-mazing!!! This is a great idea and I loved Bratfest at Tiffany’s ;D Lay-tah, Alpha Massie

  • Janelle says:

    Serious Clique feels right here. Totes re-reading the series over the summer.. And even though a boyfast wouldn’t mean much to me, good luck, to the ones who try.

  • xcgirl says:

    Love love love the idea!

  • Boyfast is a great idea, I like the idea of the girl with the lowest score having to treat the rest of the girls. Especially for Boy-crazy girls.

  • Lillie says:

    Hey Lisi!

    Awesome idea! I really think that more girls should be doing this and stop wasting precious sleeping time just to look good for school (I personally just put on lip balm, moisturizer, and I’m out).

  • Mira says:

    I have guy friends that I enjoy being with, but no one I’m getting close to in a bf way. Unfortunately I never have had anyone close to me in that way…no bf, no kisses, nothing. I understand why though, Im not pretty or anything so yeah.. Anyway I’m up for a boyfast, I’m off for spring break so I wont really be seeing anyone until later in April anyway!

  • Guys are so flipping frustrating. They sometimes need to be shipped off to a desert island

  • Arianna says:

    My entire life is a boyfast. I’m far too strong and independent to need or even want a guy. I dress how I want because it makes me happy, and I shave my legs because I don’t like it when it feels like I’m sleeping with my dog. And my dog lives an hour and a half away from me.

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