Oscar winners love saying, “stay true to yourself.” And we mostly know that means if we’re really into, say, soccer, we shouldn’t try out for the swim team simply because the popular girls are. We should stick with soccer. But it’s more than that. Staying true to yourself really means feeling good about your choices, even when others don’t approve. Because, believe me, not everyone will approve. But if your decisions come from that quiet confident place inside of you, the place that is full of genuine integrity and passion, you will never have a single regret.

Yesterday, this assertion was proven to me after I read the following comment from Disgusted Grandmother. She did not like The Clique one little bit. But since I am confident in my message, comments like hers don’t upset me. They make me think DG didn’t get it. Even if she did get it and still didn’t like what I had to say in The Clique, I’m not bummed. She is entitled to her opinion and I think it’s nice that she gives a gosh-darn-dilly about what her granddaughter reads. (I could have done without the “whore” reference but I’ll save that for my blog on irony.)
June 3, 2013 at 8:11 am
Really, Lisi? REALLY?? Your books are TRIPE! I’m a guardian grandmother, and i am APPALLED at the amount of low self-esteem your books perpetuate in young girls. I am SICK of girls being bombarded with media that focuses first on what they wear; second on how they look; and third on how mean, self-centered, and vicious they can be. There is a story on your website about a young girl who is feeling ostracized and lonely …. you recommend therapy. Unfortunately, so many of our young girls NEED therapy because they are inundated with media (including books) that promote bullying, revenge, and low self image. Congratulations … your Emerson degree has done you proud. And-YES- i HAVE read some of what you have written … I am NOT impressed. PLEASE:: if you truly wish to make a difference for young girls, pen books that focus on achievement (not the beauty/popularity kind), on young women supporting their peers’ endeavors (art, academic, equality based on substance, not who’s wearing the latest fashionista fad), and a sense of self worth that emanates from INSIDE. OR:: failing that, have the decency to market your books to high schoolers. I am tired of telling a Girl i love, who has incredible talent, creativity, and love to give that the clothes she wants to wear because “everyone else is” would make her look like a whore. What’s saddest: i used to tell her that “real” girls don’t act like the characters in books like “Clique” or “Monster High;” unfortunately,I am no longer sure that is true. A Disgusted Grandmother

It’s easy for me not to personalize DG’s message because Haylee and so many others DID get it. And I write for them.

Haylee says:
June 4, 2013 at 10:39 am
I am an avid follower of Lisi’s books and haven’t been commenting much lately, but your comment got me to thinking so I thought I should answer. First of all, I find it sweet that you’re worried about your granddaughter’s well-being but I think your’s and her’s interpretation of this series is too black and white for my taste. Lisi has specifically stated on her blog a few months ago that the intention behind creating the Clique was inspired because of her time at MTV and that it was to show how Claire Lyons triumphed in the face of bullying (though in the beginning the abuse of those girls DID crush her and she tried to change herself simply to be more accepted just because she was a girl with no group of gorgeous friends, money or designer clothes she eventually went back to the people who liked her for her, Cam and Layne. And eventually the PC recognized her strength and became friends with her but even if they hadn’t I’m sure that she’d still stick by the people that genuinely love her.) And I disagree with you about the Clique having no substance at all, I think Lisi went to nice lengths to show some depth even in some of the “popular” characters such as Dylan Marvill, whose insecurities with her body image and the way she struggled throughout it is something I’m sure every girl can relate to and I also disagree about Lisi trying to “glorify” looks and making them out to seem like if you try to look good BOOM automatically everything is perfect which isn’t the case in what I said before. And there are a few characters in the series such as Layne which can count as supportive and it would be unrealistic if every character in the series were to be like that which is a sad fact of life but the only thing we can do is deal with it and maintain our self-esteem. And I’d really wish that you’d continue through reading through all the books and learn about the character journeys and interpret things in a broader matter if you’re interested. Also I don’t think this book series necessarily for HS people as the characters in it are 12/13 years old and it doesn’t contain anything graphic or any really harsh swears such as the f bomb. And I also don’t like your usage of whore, but I do get that you don’t like that your granddaughter wants to wear a kind of clothes just because her peers are wearing it. BTW I’m a liberal. (I’ll finish this essay later though, I have to go out.)

Haylee says:
June 4, 2013 at 11:18 am
And I also don’t think you can determine whether or not girls in general act like the girls in these. Some can relate, some can’t. I don’t think it’s wrong to love a character the most out of others as we all go through different things in life. Plus, judging that your girl may be of middle grade, encourage her to discover herself and develop her hobbies and maintain her strengths instead of going back on her beliefs for the sake of others and I’m sorry to hear that she’s been experiencing this Also I think you misunderstood the message of Monster High, I stopped reading the series after Lisi stopped writing it so I don’t know about the newer books but from what I remember it showed Frankie experiencing prejudice and her learning that it’s OK to be herself and working for RAD rights instead of just hiding her true self behind makeup and making a difference in the world.
Lisi, I hope I did you justice writing this as I’m not as good with words compared to the some of you and I can’t wait for Pretenders
~ Haylee

Haylee, I was going to respond but you did it much better than I ever could. Thank you for understanding and taking the time. DG, thank you for writing as well. I know you were being true to yourself too, and therefore won’t regret referring to my books as tripe–in all caps.




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  • Zula says:

    Haylee – I wouldn’t say I watch Castle religiously, or that often at all really! Just occasionally when it’s on late at night. Hahaha, you never sound like a weirdo for rambling about something you’re passionate about! Be proud of it, the amount of time I spend explaining dance to people who don’t care is ridiculous, but I think it’s worth it 🙂
    You watch Suburgatory?! YAYYY! Don’t you love Tessa/Ryan, and George/Dallas? I find it so weird to think that the girl who plays Dalia also played Ronnie in the last song, that is serious versatility! Shhhhhh! I haven’t got as far as Toby on A-Team yet! But it’s common knowledge now I guess! I don’t watch Teen Wolf, but I’ve heard there are some really hot actors in it?
    Oooh! I like Fiction! It’s good, the XX always do such good music! My recommendation for you is Bastille, I have the whole album and I think my favourites are probably Icarus, Flaws, Things We Lost in the Fire and Oblivion, but the whole album is beyond good!
    Do you like Mumford and Sons and Vampire Weekend? I had tickets to the Stopover Mumford and sons are doing and I was going to see them and a few others, I was dying of excitement and I cant go anymore, I have a national dance festival instead – which is amazing and I’m also super excited for that, but I was so up for a mini festival filled with amazing music!
    <3 xxx

    • Haylee says:

      Zula- Oh OK! And sorry about the late reply, had to go somewhere with my mom and then sleep and I couldn’t answer you right away but I hope you’ll see this! And I’ve been watching Castle since the year it came out! I still love the show but the first 3 seasons are lighter than the later ones, but to me it’s still worth watching, although I wouldn’t say it’s my all time fav show, for me that’s BTVS. And Nathan Fillion is such a talented actor, the only two people that can compete with him are Jensen Ackles and David Tennant in my mind.
      And yes I do watch Suburgatory and I do love those two pairs! But I believe I read somewhere that the actor for Ryan won’t come back 🙁 Also I kind of wish I looked like Tessa, she’s gorgeous! IDK, I don’t mind my hair color but being a brunette I find redheads really fascinating. And when I get older I’d want to look like Sarah Rafferty, she’s gorgeous and her hair is so impossibly red that I’m like are you even real. And you should totally watch Teen Wolf! And yes the actors are really hot! Dylan O’Brien (he’s more my type than the rest of the guys but at the same time the others are really hot. :L hard questions in life!), Colton Haynes, Daniel Sharman, Tyler Hoechlin, Tyler Posey, etc. But I think out of all of them Colton Haynes would probably be your type!
      And yes the XX is really good! I bought their second album, Coexist, when it first came out last fall. Other songs I love from that album are Angels, Missing and Sunset (I heard this song before it was on Suits, but that Mike/Rachel hook up in the office room grew that song on me more 😉 !) And I know a lot of people complain that The XX’s music has become softer but while I did love their first album, but this new album is different but good! And yes I love Mumford and Sons! But I’ve never listened to Vampire Weekend, I’ll give them a try. And that’s sad, I’d love to go listen to them :/ And you have a national dance fest? Tell m more about that, it sounds interesting!

      • Zula says:

        Haylee – The Ryan guy isn’t coming back?! Gutted! And she is gorgeous, but I bet you are too! I don’t think beauty is defined by a hair colour at all, there’s so much more to a person than looks. So weird that we’ve been talking about the XX, because tonight in my contemporary class we used Coexist for all of the exercises! When I heard Fiction I was like, woah this is the song Haylee told me about! Haha
        The dance thing isnt a huge deal over here, there are loads of dance events in the UK (for example the Dance World Cup is being held where I live this year! I’m not a part of that though 🙁 I wish I was!) But there is this competition called U.Dance and they have regional heats all over the UK, and the 2 wining groups from each are invited to a festival where we have workshops with famous teachers/choreographers, performances by each group and other cool stuff, it’s really exciting!

  • ilovelisi says:

    Hey, it’s Angela! Will u guys check out my blog:

  • Zula says:

    Haylee – you still replied pretty speedily! I’m up for hours learning things I dont know for tomorrow anyway 🙁 Yep college next year! But not like american college, we go to uni after at 18 like normal! I’m not switching schools though, my school is an all girls private from 3-18, and thats exactly how long I’ll have been there for, plus I got a dance scholarship so thats a nice incentive, and good for my uni applications 🙂
    Trust me, you don’t seem intrusive at all, besides I asked for your opinion and advice, things are so weird at the moment, but I think a lot of that is over thinking and overanalysing type behaviour, but I can’t stop myself. And while you’re right, I definitely shouldn’t be in a relationship because I need a lot of breathing room right now, I dont wan’t to keep loving him, because it’s not healthy and I know that. But its so not that simple 🙁 Do you reckon if I tan enough this summer I can burn him from my mind? 😉
    Oh Bubby! what’s going on to make you so upset?! You’re one of the few people I know who can always find the positives! Are you going with your whole family?
    I don’t watch suits, I don’t really watch legal dramas because I’m more obsessed with the crime ones; CSI, NCIS, Bones, The Finder, Law and Order etc etc… I love them all, but if it’s a recommendation from you then I’ll give it a shot!
    Sadly I’ve coped with more, its just annoying to not have control over your emotions sometimes! It’s you I’m more worried about, we need to get your sparkle back!

    • Haylee says:

      Zula- Oh trust me it’s nothing 😉 And I’m going to be a junior next year. Nervous tho because people tell me that’s the hardest year! And a dance scholarship that’s gr8 😀
      And yes I really get the feeling. And LOL about you tanning! 😛
      And I’ve been depressed since I was 13 and it made my last year of middle school super hard but these days I’m still kind of depressed though not as badly as I used to be but I just repeat the same thing over and over even though being able to have what I want in the future seems kind of surreal. It’s about something I feel like I have no control over! And most people I know in real life are pretty toxic although I know an occasional nice person like my best friend. But I’ve never cut myself though despite the constant migraines I’ve had in the past. Oh and I do try to be positive! I really just want to be able to be me without being judged all the time.
      You should watch Suits! IT’s amazing and my favorite show on USA Network! I also love White Collar (And I’m a big Matt Bomer fan, you should look him up online because that man is offensively attractive, a nice person and as if he wasn’t a good actor he also sings!), another show on that network. And I used to watch Bones, but I don’t watch it as much anymore because I feel like the show lost some quality after season 6. I prefer Castle over Bones! And another show you should watch is Arrow! It is amazing, I started it recently and I’m hooked! Felicity is my favorite character <3
      And yes, I'm hoping to get everything back but I'm trying!

      • Zula says:

        Sorry! it got to 3 am, and I needed to sleep! I think it was worth it though because I don’t feel like I failed my exam! Junior, thats the year before the last year? So same as me?
        Oh Haylee! I had no idea you have suffered from depression! You’ve always been so strong and positive and someone I really do admire to be like! And as far as expressing yourself without being judged I completely relate; what I do now is I have a twitter and I don’t follow anyone from my school who I don’t like, simple. And then they don’t see what I say or do and I feel a lot more free on there. I also have a tumblr and a weheartit that I don’t tell my friends or family about and so i feel like its completely my personal space 🙂
        I don’t watch either of Bones or Castle too much at the moment, I’ve been trying to catch up with every season of So You Think You Can Dance, I’m mid way through season 2 atm, and suburgatory and awkward. Do you watch either of those? Or PLL? I’m also just starting to catch up on season three of that too! There’s so much tv and not enough time for it all :L
        Just remember its summer now, which is the perfect time to recharge and have fun with the people who matter and ignore the ones who don’t, just relax and get back to yourself and I’m sure you’ll feel better come september and being a Junior won’t be so scary either- it’s probably one of those things that always get said, “you thought soandso year was hard? HA this is so much worse” but then you get there and it’s not as bad as the hype!

      • Haylee says:

        Oh that’s OK! 🙂 And really hope you did pass your test And yes, same as you.
        And yes, I have suffered from depression and it made my grades drop at the end of the year. But hey at least I didn’t fail! And I only have Facebook, no Twitter and I have Tumblr as well.
        You watch Castle?! OMG I didn’t know that! Guess I didn’t sound like a weirdo after all with my rambles about Caskett! :L But in all honestly I love Booth/Brennan more as a couple than Castle/Beckett, but I like Kate more than I like Brennan and I prefer Castle plot-wise than Bones these days. I do watch Suburgatory! I don’t watch PLL anymore, I’ve disliked it after season 2 and it’s just become so boring and predictable and after Toby was revealed as being on the A-Team I just gave up completely. And I know Spoby get back together after that, but I’m just tired of that show even tho I love ST. I don’t watch SDYTYCD that much, I’ve seen a few eps but that’s about it. I don’t watch Awkward, but I do watch Teen Wolf, how about you? On Teen Wolf I ship practically everything! Stiles & Derek, Scott & Isaac, Jackson & Lydia, Peter & Lydia (I know it’s weird but it interesting.), Isaac & Allison, Stiles & Erica, etc. But season 2 is actually when the plot becomes good! Isaac and Stiles are my favorite characters, but I really miss Jackson, the show isn’t the same without him, but I like him on Arrow as well. Do you watch Arrow? It’s really good, you should watch that and Suits (Donna is my favorite on Suits, she’s my spirit animal!)
        And sorry for the rambling lol. And thank you so much for your encouragement and respect of me, I want to have a good summer too and as part of our music swap, I really think you should listen to Fiction by the XX! 😀

  • Zula says:

    Ps: Lisi, we haven’t had a gracelet update in a while! How’s it coming? when can we buy them? I’m super excited!

  • Jannette says:

    I agree with Lillie. As much as I adore your characters and their personalities etc. I always wanted a bit more diverse cultural character like asian or african american (I wouldn’t necessarily count Alicia bc she was told to be faux spanish soo.. yeah). However, I liked that in pretenders there is one african american girl. I just hope that you add in how their culture affects their life and the way the dress or think (or not, but you know it may be interesting 🙂 or even eat. Can’t wait for Pretenders!!!

    • Haylee says:

      I’m not totally sure, but doesn’t Clawdeen count as a diverse cultural character?

    • lillie says:

      Thanks for understanding what I mean Jannette! I’m sad to think my comment maybe got deleted. :'( I swear I didn’t mean it the wrong way! And I know Alicia is from Spain and whatever but technically clawdeen doesn’t count because she is, well, a fiction character and not a realistic fiction character.

  • Zula says:

    Well said Hayley! Lisi’s books are so much more than DG’s opinions!
    Completely off topic, but Lisi – you give a lot of advice on how to get your guy… But what about how to get over him?
    Me and my boyfriend broke up in April, and my idea, but I never really stopped thinking about him. I don’t ever see him, but whenever he’s on facebook or anything I DEFINITELY notice, too much. We talked a lot recently and decided to be friends, but then I realised how much I still love him I think, I know getting back together would be a bad idea, there were very valid reasons for breaking up. And then things got a little to flirty and more than friendly in a conversation so I backed off, wayyy off, because I knew that would just mess up my heart. But in the process I knew I was kind of being a mega-bitch. One word responses and not even having the basic politeness to return the question. I know it’s mean but I knew that would stop everything. And I feel horrible, and I think I’ve completely burnt my bridges with him, which in a way I wanted, because then I wont get my brain fried and heart broken but I still can’t stop thinking about him every second of the day.
    I cant implement a boyfast with my friends, because that would mean admitting this to them, they know a little bit, but I haven’t told them how I really feel because I know they’d think it was wrong of me. One friend already told me she’s glad we broke up because she didnt like him, so I can’t turn around and drop the L-bomb. Plus half my friends are so non boy crazy there wouldn’t be any point for them, and the others are in love with their own boyfriends.
    I just want to find a way to not be so hung up on him 🙁
    Thanks Lisi xxx

    • Haylee says:

      LOL you spend my name wrong! I missed talking to you Zula though, I really did.
      And you and your bf broke up?! 🙁 That’s really unfortunate Zula. Oh and I’m not too into FB to begin with, even though I have one because I just feel like I can’t truly express myself on there. And I know what you mean, you may like him and stuff, but the whole relationship may have seemed too serious because from the little I know you guys were dating exclusively I think and with the whole long-distance thing that may seem like too much. I can really get that and I’m not going to cheapen what you feel for him and claim that it didn’t mean that much because to me it seems that it did, but I think this whole miscommunication thing is mostly to blame. Oh and please don’t call yourself a bitch! I mean I don’t think what you did was the best approach to something and that it makes things more difficult as it is but at the same time it’s easy for me to understand how hard it all was for you so it’s not like you have a heart of glass. Also, I know I used to say “bitch” before but I kind of stopped that now and I just dislike that misogynic slur (although it comes in no comparison to that “c” word because that it just offensive and makes me really angry when I hear it). I don’t have much experience with guys, but I think you should try to message him on FB and open up about your insecurities in such a way that it wouldn’t be easy for him to just slap “mega bitch” as a label and apologize for the miscommunication and if you guys are really meant to be, he’ll forgive you at some point. You should just make an effort to be honest and not have too many expectations and not lose too much breath if he doesn’t because at least in a way you’ll have your answer instead of being restless all the time. I just want you to be happy! And I’m sorry about how it is with you and your friends as I can kind of relate to that. Oh and I’m going on vacation in a week to Australia, won’t be back for a month! 🙂

      • Zula says:

        Hayleebear! I’m so so sorry! I absolutely hate it when people get my name wrong so I feel awful! Consequence of not talking to you for so long! I miss you too! And 110% agree about facebook, i only have a few close friends so sharing anything ‘deep’ or ‘upsetting’ is a nono for me because why would I want a bunch of people who I’m not close to knowing? But at the same time it has its benefits for sharing the good stuff in your life and keeping in touch with friends and family, plus free messages when I’m over my text limit is a bonus 🙂
        Thank you for replying, and so speedily, this is something I really do need advice on, and I know you’re pretty darn good at that! As much as I wish I could just tell him everything, I don’t know what that would do, and the that scares me. The other day we we’re talking; about our ‘classification’ if you will, it wasn’t quite that formal, but I had said it was confusing but we could be friends, and then asked his opinion. He said that it would only make me more confused and never speak to him again. Which got me thinking that he does actually feel the same for me, but then he wouldn’t tell me and I wouldn’t say what I thought, and we reached a checkmate because neither of us could open up – and that was when we were friends, I doubt now either of us would be able to with all the weirdness and not really talking.
        The thing is, I love him at the moment, but I don’t want to get back together, and I don’t mind if he hates me because then he’s out of my life, which would be hard, but also allow me to move on which I just haven’t been able to do for so long. I just can’t find that distraction, which will be even harder once my exams are over and I’m officially on summer (3 more! AHHH!)
        Australia?! Thats ah-mazing! I’m super jealous! I’ve never been there but would love to! Have an incredible trip!

      • Haylee says:

        Sorry I didn’t reply right away to this! And nah it’s fine 😉 This isn’t the first time it’s happened. And my phone has unlimited texting so I don’t have much of a problem.
        I get what you mean about the whole you loving him but you guys not being really able to say anything but maybe that’s a sign. It’d be pretty hard to get over him considering you guys dated a year and stuff and you starting at a new school (in England you guys start college at 16 I think??? I really don’t know.) I think you guys should have a break because if you guys can’t connect as well as you used to because from what I know from you it seems kind of severe and much too weird, then began it at that and maybe somewhere along the way you’ll get over him or maybe not. You probably shouldn’t be in a relationship atm, but it’s really not in my place to tell you what to do, I know I seem quite intrusive 🙁
        And yes I’m going to Australia and I’m really excited! This summer I hope will be good but it’s so much harder being happier these days and taking joy from small things in life like I used to be able to. And thanks:)
        Also, on another happier note, I’m super excited for the new season of Suits this summer! Do you watch it? If not, you really should, it’s ah-mazing and really worth watching and one of my favorite shows. I’m not usually into legal dramas but I love Suits!
        And I really hope you figure everything out, you’re a great person and it’s just too much on your plate!

  • lillie says:

    This was great lisi! you are an amazing writer and i read the whole clique series and loved them! But i have had this quest for a long time, and please, please don’t take this into offense!
    Here is the question:
    Why are there no African American people or people of other races (besides Alicia) in the clique series? And I’m not saying you are racist i was just wondering why.
    I love your books and i can’t wait for the pretenders!
    P.S. please i really don’t want any hate comments to follow i am just asking.

  • Julia says:

    I always love how you keep your cool, Lisi! And Haylee, you were awesome too by not being rude or mean about her… ‘observations.’

  • Emma says:

    Dear Lisi-
    My name is Emma and I love to write! On days when my friends aren’t doing anything, I am always looking for a little excitement, or something to do. I think you should have a writing contest! This would be so much fun!

  • For someone to really understand the meaning of the series, you have to read more than just “some” or just the first book. The PC is quite mean in the first couple of books but as the series progresses we get to see more of them and understand their characters on a deeper level- we see them as humans. And I’ve always believed that each character had something to teach or offer- there were characters with value from the start, and then even the more shallow kind of characters at least had some redeemable quality about them.

    The idea that I got from the series was to show that just because these types of girls seem like they have it all, doesn’t mean they do. As Claire pointed out in Best Friends For Never, Massie got backstabbed by her friends and she didn’t always win at things, even when she deserved to. Kristen is revealed to be poor and going to school on a scholarship. Alicia struggles with always being the second banana and never having much of a chance in the spotlight, even when she thought she had something to offer. Dylan has a relatively inattentive mother and struggles with her weight. Every character has more to them than just what’s shown to us on the surface- just like real humans do. I believe Lisi was trying to show us that, that even the popular girls may not have such a perfect life after all. She exaggerates their general meanness to show us how hurtful it is to treat people that way. She uses the characters of Claire and Layne as examples of staying true to yourself. And later in the series, Massie and her friends finally become accepting of Claire. They learn not to judge a book by its cover.

    You won’t get any of those messages by reading “some” of the book. Not only did Lisi deliver these messages very effectively but she did it with some pretty awesome humor as well.

  • Haylee says:

    I just really love the first paragraph Lisi. But it’s kind of hard for me especially as sometimes I feel like my brain is shut down and sometimes I lie at night and I realize that the things that I want are less of a possibility as I originally think them to be and I get discouraged. 🙁 I really don’t like my life. Oh and thanks Lisi for not supporting misogyny! It’s a big issue these days and a lot of people I know are like that and because I’m not very conservative it naturally irritates me. Also I hope that you answer more EhMaFrauds next week as so many people sent them in, you’re really great for doing this 😉

  • Angela says:

    I loved the Clique series. It was entertaining, interesting, funny, and had a strong meaning behind it. DG is perfectly entitled to her opinion, but those things are not taken lightly. It was hateful. The whole point of your books is to show Claire’s triumph! The series may have been a little snobby- no scratch that- some of the characters were snobby, but this is how real girls act. Well, a lot of them. Not all. Some are Claire’s some are Massie’s. But, seriously?! I don’t want to send hate to DG, but what she said was upsetting. But, it’s ah-mazing how you turned it into a better situtation. And, A Tale of Two Pretties changes EVERYTHING! As the girls get older they change! It’s an ah-mazing series!
    BTW off topic: Am I the only one who thinks they should totally make a TV series out of The Clique? Seriously? It would be so cool!

  • DG’s comments remind me of people who throw outrageous Gatsby parties… the entire meaning of the book has gone right over their heads.

  • Kathy says:

    Good job Haylee!! It was awesome of you to take I upon yourself to do Lisi justice. After all she’s done for us, we owe it to her to help her out!
    Lisi, there are lots of reasons you are my favorite author. One of them is your books. They’re amazing, so well written, and very relatable. I love the messages you convey to us.

    Thank you Lisi for writing, and thank you Haylee for defending Lisi’s writing 🙂


  • Laila N says:

    That was one shebang post. I’m so impressed and.. in awe, I guess. I wish I had the eloquence to respond like that… and I wish I got to read the rest of the series, too ^_^ Kudos to you, Haylee.

    And I need to take the time to have a Girl Moment here: TOMORROW IS MY FORMAL (American equivalence being prom, I guess?) SQUEEEEEEEEE. Actually, not sure if I am excited, but… still.

  • montdormama says:

    Dear Disgruntled Grandma,
    I’m also a grandma, and I RUN to buy Lisi’s books for every young girl who comes of age. Why?
    Because I have read and reread all of them and believe that her message is one of self empowerment, developing strong character traits and living authentically.
    (Look at her blogs, they are all about steering girls in the right direction!)
    The feedback that I get from their parents is that :
    a) their kids who never read before are reading.
    b) they are opening up about bullying in their own lives.
    c) they appreciate the lessons that the books teach
    d) teachers and librarians recommend them
    I see something deeper in her writing.
    I guess the first goal of any writer is to engage their readers. Lisi excels at this skill through humour and over the top experiences. The fact that some of the girls are spoiled and overindulged totally underscores her message that even people who supposedly “have it all” are still insecure and that’s why they bully. Lisi takes the high ground, empowering the characters who possess amazing character traits to be victorious. And the others learn from their mistakes….or they don’t and have to face rejection until they finally ‘get it.’ Life is a struggle, especially for young girls and boys who want desperately to fit in and are bombarded with so many mixed messages from TV, Hollywood, parents, politicians etc.
    Lisi’s messages are pure and authentic and are skillfully woven into her stories.
    We aren’t living in the ‘fade to black’ era in which you and I grew up. Many of today’s kids are sexually active, have little respect for authority, no moral compass and use disgusting language.
    Her books are clean, no bad language, no sex and are very funny and teach lessons in a non preachy non judgemental way. They show that there are consequences for bad behaviour. Not all issues are resolved right away. Not all behaviour is corrected immediately. Real change takes time. Her books echo life..
    I hear from my grandchildren, nieces and nephews that many kids ( both boys and girls) review Lisi’s books for their school book review projects. They recommend them to their friends for the lessons that they teach and the fun situations. They get it.
    I have a friend who was recently in rehab for alcohol addiction. One of her issues is low self esteem. She read all of Lisi’s books years ago when her daughter was young and remembered relating to the message. She took a few Clique books to rehab, as she wanted to ‘get grounded’ – a feeling that she got from reading the books with her daughter. She even read passages to the group and the counsellors all of whom related on various levels.
    I’m sorry that you didn’t get the same message as the rest of us did.
    Maybe try reading them again with a different mindset.
    Best of luck,
    I wish these books had been around when I was raising my kids!
    Grateful Grandma

    • Haylee says:

      ^This. I agree, I wouldn’t say the Clique is the best series ever, but it definitely one of the best for middle school girls and I’m glad my sister introduced me to this series.

    • Mayde says:

      Thank you for saying that. You really do know that there’s a reason behind everything. I love your gentle reply to the harsh criticism from the other grandma. Thank you!

      • Emma says:

        I couldn’t agree more! The Clique does NOT just focus on fashion. It deals with girl bullying but also the importance of friendship and loyalty.

    • Cata says:

      I agree 100%. The books are funny and teach a great lesson. Lisi you are also such a great person. You are so supportive and really smart. Keep it up!

  • It’s not your fault Lisi, if people fail to understand the message behind your books.

  • Arianna says:

    DG sounded more like a closed-minded troll than a real grandma. I think she should focus more on letting her granddaughter be herself and helping her become a strong independent woman than trolling author websites. Way to set an example, Disgusted Grandmother! *So much sarcasm*


  • Gretchen says:

    I love MH and it helped me make my own type of fashion, to expressed myself and that it’s ok to stand up for what u believe in, even if ur standing alone. Many people have opinions but that doesn’t mean they should judge a book by its cover. People misunderstand things all the time but they shouldn’t jump to conclusion so soon without looking into it.

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