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Sara, I don’t know who you are but I think I love you. You posted a comment last week in response to Julia and Arianna’s boy troubles. Was I about to respond to them? Yes! Did I change my mind after I read your thoughtful and insightful rant? You bet’cha! I couldn’t possibly compete with that. Look at my photo comment below. “Great advice Sara” was all I could muster. I was at a loss for words. You’re that good.

I wanted to call you for a private session this morning but I didn’t have your number. You see, Sara, I have been a little blocked lately. Not in a need-bran-sort-of way. Not in a stupped-up-dose-sort-of-way. And nawt in a Massie-sort-of-way. More like I am aswirl (I just made up that word and I love it!) with heavy energy. It’s true. I fancy myself a lighthearted lass but lately I have been dark and stormy.

What’s that, Sara? You want to know what might have started this?

Whell…the nutshell version is between Halloween, Pretenders, Thanksgiving, Dirty Book Club, Hawaii, Pretenders, Chanukah, Blog, Christmas, Dirty Book Club, New Years, New Years Day, Blog, Mexico, Tumblr, Groundhog Day, Valentines Day, Pretenders, Friday, Dirty Book Club, life in general, taxes, bills, blogs…I seem to have misplaced my focus. And this has made me anxious and creatively blocked.

I wanted to talk, Sara, I did. But you were at school and so I did the next best thing. On my way to the dry cleaners this morning I pulled up to a crystals and incense kind of place in Laguna called The Chakra Shack. I swear on my seventh house. I have no idea what I was looking for but I went for it anyway.

There happened to be a psychic reader with an availability at 10:30 and it happened to be 10:29, so I went for it again. If anything I’d get a Blah-g post out of it, right?

My psychic advisor asked if she could hold something of mine. I gave her my necklace. Then I tried not to laugh as she rolled her eyes back in her head and began to summon things…


“People are sucking your energy…you have to establish boundaries…you are afraid to finish something…you are carrying negative energy…”

Was she right? Sure. Could this apply to most of us? Probably. Did I want to tell her this? YES! So I did. Then I asked what I (and the rest of humanity) should do about it.

She told me to release my negativity to the universe and then burn it away with sage or palo santo.

sageΒ  CHECK!

To envision my goals while meditating.

candleΒ  CHECK!

“What if none of this works?” I asked.

“Contact, Sara,” she said.

So, I did that too.

Thank you Chakra Shack. You are the wind-chimes beneath my wings.




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  • Catherine says:

    Hey Lisi I’m sorry this is random but I need some advice….My mom won’t let me wear bikinis this summer. She only will only let me use tankinis until I’m 15. I know it may not seem like a big deal and I’ll probably feel really stupid after this is posted. I just need to hear it from someone. Anyway, all my friends wear bikinis and some of them will not LET IT GO! how can I convince myself that it isn’t a big deal, and what should I do if someone makes fun of me this summer?

  • Zula says:

    Haylee- Been there, done that, worn that t-shirt – but not with pride.The next day I end up feeling petty and silly, and I am always the one who apologises instead of the other way around ( which is how i think it should be – in the moment) Be the bigger person and prove who you are, you’ll feel more positive and true to yourself, and they’ll be the one feeling stupid. Cliched I know, but honest to god, it might save a friendship or just reduce the drama, even for a little bit

    • Haylee says:

      Zula- I’m ALWAYS the one who has to do that. And it’s frustrating. But I probably will, but i don’t think I want to settle for something that’s so difficult to communicate with either. And how’s life treating you? I’m really excited for the next TID book, but I’m worried Jem will die πŸ™ And I was excited for the Delirium TV show, but now I found out they casted the guy from Secret Life, ugh. Books are good though. And I have a HUGE test 2mrw so i can’t stay on too long.

      • Haylee says:

        Oh and have you been watching PLL lately? I haven’t since what they did to Spoby but Toby died πŸ™ And Jeremy died on TVD. Ugh, why do my faves keep dying? And I really hate Katherine for killing him.

      • Zula says:

        No one ever said being fabulous and awesome was easy! But you’ll be so much better off! Never settle for a boy! You deserve wayyyyy better than that. With the right guy it’ll be easy, even if its completely different to how you imagined πŸ™‚ Life’s a weird mix atm, like its pretty stressy and school is horrrrrible and my sisters sad at uni too so its all kind of messy, but at the same time im really positive at this moment in time? I had a good dance lesson, perfect chat with my boyfriend, and I have this app which helps you concentrate on the positive things in your life – so i think thats helping a lot! Plus I just finished an AH-MAZING book, books are the most amazing things in the world – along with cats, but thats a whole other story! its called The Tragedy Paper by Elizabeth Laban, the first few chapters are on figment somewhere to read first if you want! Hows your life going? TID? and i dont know what delirium is… England isnt that cool πŸ˜› GO STUDYYYYYY

      • Haylee says:

        Thanks πŸ™‚ And TID is the Infernal Devices. You should read it, it’s awesome and I love Jem so much, I don’t want him to die. I really hate the fact that *spoiler* Will’s cursed. And you should read Delirium too, it’s a dystopian novel. And yeah, I better go πŸ˜›

  • Haylee says:

    I really hate guys. :/

    • Zula says:

      Oh Hayleebear! Call me the suckiest internet friend ever, how long has it been this time? The answer, TOO LONG! Bah, im here for a chat now, if i dont go to sleep soon… it is midnight… ANYWAY! guys suck. They do. But then they smile and do something sweet and we love them again. Its a vicious cycle; so dont get too bogged down on boy drama, lawd knows there’ll be plenty more where that comes from in the future! But if you want to vent, be ma guest! I’m always happy to listen and do my best to help xxx

      • Haylee says:

        HI πŸ™‚ And yeah, they really do. I swear, if I see a guy contradict himself and class me as something I’m not I’ll bite their head off.

      • Haylee says:

        πŸ™ I still feel a little sad tho. I hate so many guys. The guy i like-well the guy I don’t like, Charlie Bewley (atm) and Steven Moffat (all the fricken time, ugh.)

  • Arianna says:

    Lisi!!! That picture prompt (Write a story about a dragon saving the princess from the knight) you just posted/reblogged on Tumblr is going to be my next short story for Creative Writing class! Thank you for that, because I was seriously stressing because I couldn’t figure out what to write! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

  • LISI!!!!! I would really like to know more about DBC, because it seems like such a good plot. Like, maybe let us in with a more descriptive summary, or maybe release a paragraph from the prologue, or SOMETHING! I mean come awn, Lis. I’m dying over here.

  • sara says:

    wait this is seriously amazing… i’m glad you liked my advice! im so stunned by the reaction you had. i always enjoy helping other people out and giving a fresh perspective. in turn, i really appreciate your advice, as i’m stressing out with waiting for college decisions and staying focused on my final semester. focusing is just such a drag! sage and meditating it is. πŸ™‚
    and again, thanks for this. made my week!!

  • Haylee says:

    I’ve been having the same problem too Lisi! I’ve been feeling creatively blocked lately as well and I’ve been trying to continue a story that I’ve not been able to finish for like a year. It’s like the more stress I develop as I grow up it makes me a worse writer and I really want to fight that. I’m good at writing essays but stories are just too difficult. πŸ™ And yes, I definitely think you should try yoga! It worked for my mom. And also I love reading your blog! You’re so quirky and smart and your books are enjoyable to read! I can’t wait for P5 because it sounds even better than the Clique. I like how you’re exploring male POVs and I’m really interested in Jagger. It’s not a big huge step from the Clique, it still has a lot of the aspects from the other series, but still it’s good. I’m excited! My older sister used to be obsessed with The Clique when she was younger and read all the books, but she doesn’t really follow your work now, she’s in college and she reads mostly serious literature. I’ll be an avid follower till the day I die though πŸ™‚

  • Sarah says:

    Hi Lisi!
    I’ve been reading your blog since the sixth grade, but have never commented before. But I’m on vacation and have time, and wanted to let you know I totally understand the “negative energy” thing and losing your focus. My secret to not being totally overwhelmed by life? Yoga. And lavender, not sage. I used to think yoga weird at first, too, but you can’t deny the positive energy it gives you! You just need to find a good teacher, an easy (but not too easy!) vinyasa class, and a bottle of lavender essential oil for a quick shoulder massage. I hope this helps!

  • Emily Hanewald says:

    Hey I was just emailing to say I love the blahg!!!!!! It’s awesome!! Can u leak more of the dirty book club?

    Β°(ッ)/Β° ßÏG HΓ›GΕ  ~ Emily

  • Tiffany says:

    You should definitely do the sage it really does work and so does incense. It takes away all of the negative energy and it makes you feel lighter and relieved. I know this because I have some experience with this.

  • asha says:

    hey lisi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was wondering do you have an instagram?and today’s my birthday!!!!!!!! i am now 13 13 13 13 13 13 13

  • Shaila Gottlieb says:

    Good one Lisi.

    Did I tell you that while I was in my 3rd pee on the plane at 10:30, ( I had already changed my clock back) and the flight attendants had just rolled out the carts for another round of beverages, the pilot announced β€œWe are approaching our descent to

    Toronto, please return to your seats…blah blah blah”. This was IMPOSSIBLE as we were delayed, delayed and delayed and landing around 12:15. He didn’t SOUND drunk…but who knows. The flight attendant quickly went on the honker and said, β€œNO, we are about to serve beverages, please have your Visa ready….Crazy times at 30,000 feet!

    Over and out and safely on the ground…still no suitcase.

    Thanks again for an amazing time

    YOU ARE THE GREATEST…and so are Kevy and the boys…love to all

    And yes I’m shouting cuz I’m soooo far away.

    Love you with all my heart


  • Laila N says:

    Dara, Tara, Sara…. ^_^ Sorry, that was amusing.
    Anyhow, I just went back to the last post and read Sara’s comment, and wowzer, she’s stupendous o.o I wish I could dish out advice like that – so genuine and simple and nice.

  • Tara says:

    Lisi!! Can I just say that I’ve been reading your books since forever now..Everytime I opened one of the Clique books I was transported to a whole new world and I loved it. I felt like I new the girls and their world was my world. I never read books more than 3 times but the Clique series is an exception. I’re read them all multiple times. Each character of the book had their own personality that made them all stand out! I was bawling when I found out that the Clique has ended. Hopefully you might continue the series as a 20 years later or of tht sort *hopefull smile, fingers crossed* The Clique has been such a big part of my childhood that it is something that I’ll most likely never forget! I really wish I could go back in time when I got to read a new clique book for the first time..Each time I’d read a book it was like I had butterflies in my stomach. It was all new and great! The girls were like my friends even though I’d probably be considered an LBR *what can i say, i am who i am*
    Thanks soo much,
    xx T

  • Dara says:

    Hi Lisi, My name is Dara and I love your work and have been a fan for awhile πŸ™‚ I need some advice, I have a boyfriend will call him Bob now Bob and I have been dating for 3 weeks so, not long, now Bob and I don’t hang out outside of school we mostly are just around each well.. at school! My friend Ally says then we aren’t really “dating” I understand why she’d say this and I personally am not really sure if I’m comfortable with doing so. We do talk much just together and I like having my friends around to keep me out of my shell. I’m just not sure how long I can keep that up before he’ll actually want to do something with me out of school so I don’t really know what to do. I’d love advice from you Lisi but if anyone else has anything helpful I’m all for it.

    • Julia says:

      I think if you like him, then you should at least try to hang out. Maybe make up coversation topics and make sure you just talk! Talking too much is better than too little because then Bob (ha! That name makes me laugh everytime for some reason) will want to talk too!
      I had a situation like this in 5th grade with my first bf. I’m now in seventh, but even when I think about it I remember it as being awkward. We almost never talked at school!
      If you don’t like him, don’t be with him! At least he won’t really like you and you don’t like him back but can’t say that! You will be able to be free. Worse comes to worse, he will cry. That’s what happened to my 2nd boyfriend- it was horrible! But now I laugh about it!

    • Dara~
      I know this is a little late, but I just wanted to let you know that you are not the only girl that has ever had this problem. I defiantly did. I had the same problem from about 5th to 7th grade. I was never shy when I was around my friends, but I was definitely shy around guys. I had several “boyfriends” but we never hung out outside of school. We never talked and I never knew what to say. I always tried making conversations but it always seemed to turn into more of a game of 20 questions than a normal conversation a boyfriend and girlfriend would have. I always thought there was something wrong with me until I was in high school and finally found a boy that I could just have a conversation with. It was then that I realized that I just had to fid someone that I was truly comfortable with. So, if you are not comfortable with your relationship then don’t try to force it. As Lisi said in her blog about Twix, a boyfriend should make you feel comfortable and at ease. Don’t feel like you have to impress him, and if you are not comfortable going out on a date out side of school then just don’t go. You are young and still have plenty of time to go on dates. Just wait until you are comfortable and are with someone that makes you come out of your shell just like your friends do.
      I feel like I have been rambling, but I hope I have helped. (And great advice Julia!)

  • Julia says:

    Ha! Ehmagawd, Lisi, you are just too awesome. Seriously! I have many favorite authors, but you are the only one who writes a blog and makes me laugh EVERY TIME! I have a girl crush on you- HAHA! You don’y have to reply to that stupid comment- that guy wasn’t really who I want him to be, you know? Too shy.
    There is someone else though….
    Let’s call him CS. His intitials. So he rides my bus and is always kinda flirting, but we are the last stops and always have 5 minutes alone. He is just… different. In a good way. Kinda. CS is the popular guy though, and I’m just the normal, in the middle of popular and not, girl who is friends with everyone. But not every girl gets the time CS and I get together and it makes me feel special.
    UGH. I’ve never really like too many boys before but it seems I have lots of problems now….
    Advice from anyone?

    • Micheline says:

      By the way, Lisi. I am loving Vanessa Williams! I strive to be like her. I want to be well-rounded for college. Do you have any ideas? I was thinking about starting a club (something humanitarian-related?) but I couldn’t come up with a purpose.

  • Micheline says:

    First! Yipee!

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