Why limit spring cleaning to your closet when you can tidy up your tired old attitude too? I mean, sulking is so last season.CLEAN OUT YOUR HEARTStill obsessing over that boy who ended up dating someone else? Make like a rainbow and get over it. There are reasons why relationships don’t work out. What good came of him not choosing you? And don’t say, “nothing.” Come up with five good things and then read them every morning before you start your day. Think of all the new people you can fit in that heart of yours once the barnacles are out and you’ve made space.DECLUTTER YOUR GRUDGESBlowout or betrayal with a good friend this year? Grudges only punish the one holding them. Imagine carrying around two suitcases—no wheels—filled with bricks. Wait, you don’t have to imagine it. You’ve been lugging those things around for months and it’s painful. Go dump those bricks in front of you ex-friend’s house, ring the doorbell then run away. Notice how fast you move without all that extra weight?SWEEP YOUR ENVY ASIDEEnvy is a dusty feeling that keeps us from seeing clearly. So let me clear things up. We’re all flawed. We’re all fortunate. Focus on the fortunate. Yep, that simple.FILE AWAY YOUR FEAR

When was the last time you let fear of failure stop you from doing something you wanted to do? You can’t eliminate fear completely but you can be courageous and do the scary thing anyway. Failure doesn’t hurt half as much as regret. Failure makes us stronger and shines a light on where we need to focus our energy. Regret is pointless. It shackles us to the past and reminds us that we used to be wuss-bags.Don’t be a wuss-bag this spring. Start cleaning so you can spring forward into summer and beyond!TTYW,


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