Awkward Stuff: Story of My Life.

Hello Friends and Stalkers,

I come to you today with a spoiler. Sort of. Awkward Stuff, the third book in my Girl Stuff series, comes out Tuesday (7.26), and if you find first-kiss-pacts-gone-horribly-wrong even mildly entertaining, this is the one for you!!





I’m not about to summarize the plot. Plot summarizing is right up there with conversations that begin with, “I had the craziest dream last night.” Suh-noooozer.

What I am going to do is leak the dedication in Awkward Stuff because it sums up the comedy of errors that is my life.


First: Allow me to present the dedication in Crush Stuff, the book that came before Awkward Stuff.

For my crush, Wyatt, who fed me, loved me and supported me while I wrote this novel. (I hope we’re still together by the time this publishes. If not, I might have to name book three Awkward Stuff.) 

Do you see where I’m going with this? Now for the dedication in Awkward Stuff:


As some of you might have gleaned, I dedicated Crush Stuff to my crush, Wyatt. Cute, right? Wrong. In said dedication, I wrote, “I hope we’re still together by the time this publishes. If not, I might have to name book three Awkward Stuff.” And, well, see the title of this book?

YOU: Does this mean you and Wyatt broke up?

ME: That’s so sweet of you to ask. And, no. We’re still going strong.

YOU: So what gives, Lisi? You wrote—

ME: I know what I wrote. My editors and I ended up liking that title, so we went with it.

YOU: Well, that’s awkward.

ME: Sure is. No one does awkward like I do. I literally wrote the book on it.




For those of you who care about my personal life (shout-out to my stalkers), Wyatt and I are still together. Does he appreciate it when I dress like my characters?


Me as Massie Block.

Well, that’s a whole other story.


xoxo – Lisi






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  • Nikki says:

    Hi Lisi,
    Its been awhile since I’ve seen you’re blog so I’m glad to find it again. It’s good to hear you’re doing well and writing new books! I still love your clique series and always wondered what happened when they became adults.
    Thank you for your awesome books!

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