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Hello my friends,
I’m so sorry I missed posting on Wednesday. I was away on book tour and the week got away from me. But alas, I will make it up to you with some mixed media action. That’s right, I recorded a podcast with XOXO After Dark and we had quite the conversation.

The Darkcast ladies of XOXO After Dark got dirty talking about dirty books, of course! Abby, Kate and Lauren  discussed the ways in which erotic books are empowering and how female storytelling can change the world. Plus, we talked about how I chose the books I mention in The Dirty Book Club, and how to join the online Dirty Book Club I’m running on Facebook! Finally, Abby and Lauren face off in a cutthroat game of “name that dirty book.” If you didn’t already believe it, now you know that the best–and the dirtiest!–conversations happen after dark.

Go on, listen…

My podcast interview with XOXO After Dark. 

TTYW (I promise),




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  • Kiana says:

    *I apologize for how long this comment is.* I enjoyed the podcast! It’s really interesting to get insight on your book. I had bought it the day it came out and am slowly reading it as I have the time. I am halfway through already and I really enjoyed the way you brought the characters together for the first time. As I read the book, I get a feeling that you are like Gloria in a way and M.J. is a bit like yourself when you had moved to California. Of course, I don’t know you, but it felt like it was your New Self and your Old Self starring in the book.
    I really enjoy this book so far and it’s full of great advice I’ve actually decided to take in my own life. Friendship is really important. I find it to be more important than boys/guys, actually.
    Another thing I really enjoy reading is the struggle M.J. has with her great life decision—move back for her job or live with her boyfriend to be happy. I, myself, am extremely curious to see which decision she decides to pick, but I kinda think I know which she will. I can relate to this on a great level. I’m overseas with my boyfriend but I’m ruining my future if I don’t work but I can’t as of now because I can’t legally yet. I have to wait. Otherwise, I’d have to move back to the U.S. without him and get on with my life. (Could be an interesting book idea for you.) I enjoy living overseas though. Very difficult time for me at the moment and I hope to get some insight.
    I’m kind of glad you didn’t pack the book with sex, because I myself also am not the sexy kitty at Halloween! 😂 I’m all about the mess underneath the perfect lives and how they’re managing. It’s great!
    I am thinking about buying the necklace. I love that you picked gold! It goes great with my olive skin.
    As for the previous comment, I had said an ex-friend of mine had blocked me. I had found a way to get in contact with her and we’re friends again! It’s just like old times and she is the only person that keeps me going (and you). Thank you.
    P.S. I made a What I Want In A Friend List and she checks all the boxes. I was wondering if I should share it on here so other people could read it, but I wasn’t sure.

    • Lisi Harrison says:

      I love your detailed comment, your amazing analysis of The Dirty Book Club, and your open and honest approach to life. Thank you for sharing. And yes, please share your friend list. I’d love to see it.

      • Kiana says:

        Here’s my list!
        – Available.
        The Available Friend.
        I want a friend who’s going to make the time to talk to me even when they’re busy.
        – Active, Beauty, Boys, Fashion, Music.
        The Feminine Friend.
        I want a friend who’s into girly things the way I am. I wanna hear about new trends or beauty hacks! I wanna give and get advice on boys. I want to be able to attend a concert with my FBFF and give music recommendations. Someone who’s not super sporty, but that I can still hit the gym with.
        – Down to Hang, Spontaneous.
        The Ready Friend.
        I want a friend who is willing to do spur-of-the-moment things. And someone who actually wants to do things together.
        – Honest, Loyal, True, Trustworthy.
        The True Friend.
        I want a friend who is honest, and “tells me how it is.” Someone who is loyal, trustworthy, and true to themselves as well as their word. Someone who I can tell deep dark secrets to without worrying they’ll stab my back.
        – Knowledgeable, Mature, Positive, Supportive, Tolerant.
        The Wise Friend.
        I want a friend who tolerates my negativity, who can make me laugh, but still give great advice. I also want them to understand what I’m going through and not just act bias.

        I tried to make this as positive as possible. I didn’t want to say things like “someone who won’t backstab and lie” because then what are you thinking of?
        So it’s better to say things like “someone who’s there and honest.” Then you think positively. I want to thank you for your advice. I can’t tell you enough how much it helps. I hope as well you enjoy reading all the comments you get on your blog! ☺︎

  • Lauren says:

    Great podcast! It’s super cool that you mentioned me and Kiana on there 😉

    So I’m being really patient to read the Dirty Book Club because it hasn’t shown at my doorstep yet. Unfortunately, I’ll be on vacay before it arrives. I know you want our opinions! Haha. Your necklace and new nail polish are perfect gifts for the holidays!
    Happy Halloween, Lisi!

    – L

    • Lisi Harrison says:

      Are you back from vacation? Was it good? Did the book arrive?

      Yes, the DBC accessories are great holiday gifts and super affordable. And 50% of the profits of the necklace go to a charity called HerStory that teaches underprivileged how to write and share their stories. Click in the SHOP section of my site to order.

      xoxo Lisi

      • Lauren says:

        Wow that’s really generous of you! I’m going to order your new jewelery for a gift probably for my younger sister and then myself.

        But no I’m currently still on Vacation. Your book just arrived at my doorstep yesterday too! I’m dying to read it. I constantly go into bookstores and try to find it! I’ll defintely be letting you know what I think though and participate on your new groups!

        – L

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