Title Wave

Before I get to the main business of the day I want to thank all of the people who helped me raise $2600.00 for the Office of Letters and Light.  Their programs provide educators and librarians with the tools they need to inspire creativity and push students to reach goals. Participants are given free access to web forums, workbooks, writing tips, and pep talks from published authors. In addition to a completed novel they are left with a sense of accomplishment and confidence in a field that most people find intimidating and out of reach.

I truly believe that teaching creativity, grit, and innovation, are one of the best ways to guarantee your future success. For everything else there’s Google.  So keep writing. For those of you who don’t write, donate. And for those of you who don’t write or donate please help me figure out a new title for Phoenix Five.

This is me five seconds ago.

These are the latest titles I have come up with. Do you like any of them?

The Liar’s Guide to Popularity.
Down Came The Reign
We The Popular.
Lifestyles of the Fake and Fabulous.
Faking Fabulous.
Almighty Fraud
Survival of the Fakest
How to Make it in High School: An Unauthorized Lieography.
How to Fake it in High School: An Unauthorized Lieography.

Help! (That’s not a title. Just a cry for help.)




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