Writing Under the Influence

There are two things that some authors do–and do well–that have always eluded me.

  1. They write under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  2. They write without an outline or plan.

In all my fifteen years of authoring I have never done either. Until right now. Right now I am doing both. That’s probably why I just used the word “authoring.”

You see, two weeks ago I had knee replacement surgery.

That’s why I haven’t blogged. I thought I’d keep it up from the hospital so I brought my laptop and a Marc Jacobs bag filled with good intentions. This coming from the girl who packs gym clothes on book tour, but never works out. The same girl who used to bring homework on family vacations thinking she’d do it on the airplane.  I know. I know.

Now it’s week three and I’m at home feeling like a piñata full of pain meds. Yep. I’m tingly and spacey and drowsy. I’ve watched so many episodes of The Good Wife I’m about to open my own law practice. There are gluten-free pizza crumbs in my bra. But I refuse to let another week go by without staying in touch. So this is me, writing under the influence. It’s also me without a point, a plan, or anything meaningful to say. Usually, when I’m authoring I work off very detailed outlines. I can not, will not, let the muse drive. And yet, here she is, one hand on the wheel, the other hanging from the open window. Stereo blasting. Destination: Who the hell knows?

I tried to think of a good topic. Maybe share some of my experiences from the hospital. But come on, what a snoozer-downer, right? The whole trying to think of something reminds me of those times when I stand in front of my open closet and try to pick an outfit, but nothing jumps out. In fact, it all blurs together and looks like Lucky Charms barf. So I end up wearing sweats and I regret it all day because I feel frumpy and thick.

So here I am. A pain med piñata riding shotgun with a directionless muse. My respect cup runneth over for those authors who can do this and make something of it. Clearly, I can not.





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  • Kiana says:

    Blog idea: how to draw the line between being honest and sounding like a complete jerk.
    A lot of people take my honesty or open personality really offensively and think I’m trying to bash them. For example, I was out at dinner recently and some aquaintenances had asked me if I liked a certain dish they were having. I told them it looked disgusting and that I didn’t like it. Apparently I was “indirectly” insulting them on purpose, I’m rude, too blunt, bratty, and I hate them. Which is not at all true. Wondering if you could make a blog about when to draw the line. What sounds rude/harsh vs what sounds honest? When to get offended or not? And why don’t people tell that they have a problem with you to your face because last time I rocked, my face was not behind my back.

  • Olivia Shackelford says:

    Dear Lisi,
    I am a huge fan of your books. I started reading the clique the summer before high school and have just recently read The DBC and the pretenders novels (you’re an adult who loves writing YA fiction, I am now an adult who loves reading it). I love your writing and was wondering if you had the time if you could tell us what happened to the characters in the pretenders. I am particularly interested in what happens to Sheridan with her audition, and what becomes of Audri and Jagger. Thanks either way for continuing to write!

    • Lisi Harrison says:

      Hi Olivia,
      Thank you so much for reading and thank you so so much for writing to me. Yes, I need to reveal the end of the Pretenders. The plan was to make it a four book series and then the department that was publishing it went kaput and the series went with it. I hate that you guys don’t know the end and I vow to reveal it here very soon. Are you signed up to receive this blog to your email? If not, click on the envelope icon in the nav bar and sign up. That way you won’t miss it.

      Thank you so much.
      xoxo Lisi

  • FashionConfused? says:

    Happy New Year Lisi! 🙂

  • Andrea says:

    Wow, Lisi, thanks for still updating us even after your surgery. Hope you feel better soon! 😀

  • Kiana says:

    To be honest, I have no idea what I just read. Anyway, I hope you are doing okay. Was it both knees or one? And I’m glad you tried two things you’ve never done before. I feel like these last years you have been experiencing a lot of new things and challenging yourself. I hope your knee(s) don’t give you anymore trouble. Happy (or drowsy) holidays to you. Funny pics on IG. 😉

    • Lisi Harrison says:

      Haha!! Did I really make no sense? That cracks me up! It was one knee and I’m doing better, thanks. I guess I can cross those two things off the old bucket list for now.

      Happy Holidays, Kiana. Thanks for always being here!!!

      Xoxo Lisi

  • Jen says:

    Aww, Lisi! Hope you feel better ASAP—I’ve been there! I wasn’t as courageous to try my hand at writing, but I did try to read to forget the pain, and that didn’t quite work as planned.

    Kudos to you for having your heart in the right place; even though we would have completelyyy understood xoxo

    Sending air hugs your way!!

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