What Is Your Crush Language?

Hello friends and potential stalkers,

School is out and the sweet smell of SPF is in the air. This means two things:

  1. Some people will not get sunburned.
  2. Summer crush season is AWN!!!

In The Pack, Sadie Samson’s crush on Beak is instant. The moment her inner lion picks up his scent in the woods, she knows he’s the one.

“It was an inviting smell. Sensitive and smart, friendly but serious. It was like a grape scented eraser.”

And Sadie hadn’t even seen him yet!!! (#Pheromones)

When she spots Beak’s sun-bleached hair, ketchup-colored lips, and the c-shaped scar on his cheek–BAM! Sadie feels her attraction.

“He made her insides feel bubbly and animated, like the mist that dances over a freshly poured soda.”

How would you describe the crushing feeling? Post your answer in the comments section below. The best one will win a signed copy of Claw and Order.

For those of you opting out of crush season in pursuit of personal development, take this quiz from Girls’ Life to find out what kind of pack leader you are. And if you’re not interested in crushes OR personal development, put on some mirrored sunglasses, tape a Do Not Disturb sign to your forehead, and listen to the Claw and Order audiobook.

Should you choose to reject all of my offers, well, you’re on your own.

xoxo Lisi


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