Positively Negative.

I try to be positive. I really do. But here’s the thing about acceptance, optimism, and half-full glasses: they’re no fun. It’s the challenges, mishaps, and wipeouts that made life dramatic and hilarious. So when it comes to writing, looking on the dark side is my attitude of choice.

As many of you know, I’ve started tinkering around with a new idea. And with that comes a ton of character development. So this morning I made a Bug List. Why? Because my fictional friends need flaws and quirks and petty irritations. It’s those details that make them memorable. So don’t be surprised if you come across the any of these annoying-to-me traits in my next novel.

  1. The term “awesome sauce.”
  2. Food in bedrooms.
  3. Coffee in bathrooms.
  4. “Look how hot I am” photos on social media.
  5. “You’re so hot” comments on social media. Can aim for something higher, please?
  6.  Washing dishes without rubber gloves. I need those gloves.
  7. My shortening attention span.
  8. Your shortening attention span.
  9. The excuse, “I was just doing my job.”
  10. Gossip.


I would be so grateful if you shared some of the things on your Bug Me list because my #11 is running out of ideas.



xoxo Lisi



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  • 1. When someone needs to brag that they have already seen the movie that you have just sat down to watch with them in theaters, and then they laugh obnoxiously before the joke is done.
    2. The overuse of memes instead of original comments or jokes
    3. Any type of service person who tries to ask you out and gives you bad service because they were preoccupied with asking you out
    4. When said service people have terrible fashion taste (I’m talking flip flops in winter) and you totally fell for their pressed collared button down uniform lie.
    5. Copy editors who think typing like a rapper is okay in email
    6. Hah, bugs.
    7. That spider who watches me do yoga in my room when I purposely avoided the gym for that exact reason
    8. When I get really good advice and I speed off to follow their advice and forget to thank the person (ahem, when Lisi Harrison gave me excellent career advice a couple years ago)
    9. Commenting late on blog posts…oh wait

  • Lauren says:

    So I wanted to include my boyfriend in this too to make it more interesting . . .
    Boyfriend’s Bug me list:
    1. Bad Drivers
    2. Lack of common courtesy
    3. The wind
    4. Bad hygiene
    5. People who defend a cause without first educating themselves about it.
    6. Any kind of food or drink in the bed.
    7. Kia and Hyundai cars.
    8. “Public figure” Instagram accounts.
    9. Close minded people
    10. Poor service at any business.

    ♡My bug me list♡:
    1. When people blink too much when they’re thinking.
    2. People who are so dependent on their phones and get mad if you don’t text them.
    3. Girls who post bikini pics or nude pics, which screams “I need instant validation to be liked”.
    4. Mosquitoes
    5. People who steal my photographer’s photos from my store and use them as theirs.
    6. When people complain to me about the same problem they’ve been having for 3 years and won’t change it.
    7. The neighbor dog that barks whenever we come home.
    8. People who aren’t aware of others who are rude and don’t realize that they are. (EXAMPLE: I was shopping for a new coat, and this couple stepped in front of me and started admiring the coat I was looking at as they backed up and forced me out of the way)
    9. Bad cell phone service
    10. Bad company

    Done… this was harder than I thought!!! #4 on your list is something that bugs me too much!

    – L

  • Kiana says:

    My Bug List
    1. Agreeing to something you really wish you didn’t. Vice versa.
    2. Knockoffs.
    3. When people dye their hair too often. And in every color.
    4. Blown-up-injection-filled lips.
    5. Poor makeup application.
    6. People that act like they didn’t do something.
    7. Hurtful (and oblivious) jokes. Those people that’ll laugh at anything.
    8. When people who can’t sing sing all the time. Ow, my ears.
    9. All-black outfits. (Or all-one-color outfits for that matter.)
    10. When people text once and then never text back! Ugh, too busy?
    11. Saying “like” too much.
    12. The hand-under-chin selfies.
    13. Cheap perfume. Even my vitamins smell better.
    14. When people move their hands too much when they talk.
    15. Over auto-tuned or pitchy music.
    16. When people pick at their scabs or acne. Or nose…
    17. Long nails.
    18. Words like “poop” or “boob.” Sorry if that’s inappropriate.
    19. Overly (fake) happy people who smile all the time (echem, my mom).
    20. People who act untouchable.

    And by the way, a new novel? Is this going to be a second DBC book? The Clique? Or a totally new one?
    And I totally agree on the whole negative thing.

  • Kiana says:

    (Replying to your previous comment from your previous post.)
    I’m sorry, I had posted it (my Friend List) in your blog post “Listen up, Ladies!” Here is the link: https://lisiharrison.com/uncategorized/2901/

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