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License to Spill

It’s been less than a month since Pub Day and I ah-dore all the positive feedback on the second installment of the Pretenders series. If it’s more you want check out this page. It has a preview of License to Spill plus journal entries called “spilled secrets” for Lily, Vanessa, Jagger, Sheridan, and Duffy.

License to Spill

License to Spill License to Spill


I’m starting book 3 and want to know what you think so far. Who’s X Phonie? Did you catch my clues? Who has the strongest motive for spilling these secrets? Come on… spill it!



Q&A Part 3


Q&A Part 3

Hi friends. I’ve got three more video replies for you today. Plus some sweet under-eye circles to prove how hard I’m working. Jannette, Jacinda, and Kaelan, these are for you.

* * *

Opps, my reply was too long so the video was cut short. The rest said: It’s easier to admit you’re not perfect than it is to cover it up.


More to come next week!



Q&A Continued

I’ve loved reading all the questions you’ve submitted to me through the Blah-g and Facebook. I’m working my way through them and going to keep video responding over the next couple of weeks to make sure I get to all of you. Looks like my days of writing with bed head are over. You sure know how to force a girl to clean up.

Shame on you person who invented video. SHAME ON YOU!

Today’s response is for Adia.





Raging Glitch Part 2

I said nothing would stop me from answering your questions and I meant it. Does it matter that my video responses are coming two days later than I said? Maybe it does. But I put my heart into these answers and then raced off to the Santa Monica Public Library for NOVL’s Summer Soiree where I got to meet some of you in person. Here’s Jack from Tuesday. How cute is he?
This reader walked up and I knew right away Massie was her favorite. I can tell everyone’s favorite Clique or Pretenders character in an instant.
Special nails for License to Spill’s release.
She's so a Sheridan.

She’s so a Sheridan.

Sheridan Pretenders Nails


I’m back in the office, working hard to respond to your questions. Gustavo, Rebecca, and Maya, I’ve answered you today. More to come next week on the Blah-g and be sure to check my Facebook page for more photos from the Summer Soiree.


Raging Glitch

Did you miss the NOVL Summer Soiree Spreecast last week? Yep, me too. Tech support tried for over an hour to get me on so I could answer your questions and dish on License to Spill (June 24) but I was a Spreecast outcast and we never got to hang.
Well, if you honestly think a glitch is going to stop me from answering your questions, there’s an even bigger glitch that needs dealing with and it’s your faith in me. No way I’m going to pass up an opportunity to answer your questions. NO! WAY! Ask me anything about anything on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or in a comment here on the Blah-g. I’ll personally answer all of your questions by video and post them on Pub Day (Tuesday the 24th). Maybe sooner if it’s a time sensitive matter.
Annnnnd, I will randomly pick one lucky asker to win a signed copy of Pretenders and License to Spill.
License to Spill

Your view.

My view. (Will be your view soon.)

My view. (This will be your view soon too.)

You may want to start by asking why my thumb is so red in that picture.

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