YALLWEST over the weekend was a blast. For those who couldn’t make it I’m sad we didn’t get our face time in, but I’ve included some highlights below to make up for it. Here’s a very behind the scenes look to start off.


I moderated the panel “Do popular things automatically suck?” Turns out they don’t. Lovely authors Maya Van Wagenen, Danielle Paige, Victoria Aveyard and Morgan Rhodes were panelists.


My dear friend and famed editor Erin Stein sniper snapped this shot of me moderating panelists in leather leggings. Realized when I got home I’d worn them backwards. At least in person I pretended to be cool (#WeArePretenders 24/7) and some people actually bought it, as evidenced by Danielle Paige’s tweet.

The infamous, aforementioned green room. It was buzzing all day like this.


Naturally, we took selfies. So many selfies. Here’s one featuring Erin, author Shannon Hale and me. Love these ladies.


Reading our “1 Star” reviews.


If you’re not following me on Twitter then you didn’t know I was posting behind the scenes videos at the event. You don’t want to miss something urgent like that again so go follow me now. I’ll wait.

Reemerging for a little sunlight and book fest fun did me wonders but this week I’m back in my writer’s cave cranking out Dirty Book Club pages. If I didn’t get a chance to see your face this weekend I’d love to see it this week while in hibernation. Tweet me, DM me on Instagram or PM me on Facebook a selfie with a message you want to share. I’ll personally respond to all. Can’t wait to see you!


Face Time with YallWest



I know I haven’t had much face time with you lately. In case you miss my mug Google “Lisi Harrison images,” then drain all color from my face and replace my ah-dorable outfit with something ill-fitting and typically worn when flu-like symptoms kick in. Yes, I’ve spent the winter hibernating in my writer’s cave working on my adult novel The Dirty Book Club and mama misses the wonderful world of YA. To prove it, I’ll be at Yallwest Saturday, April 11th. What’s Yallwest? Only the most ah-mazing YA book festival eva! Here’s a rundown of where you can find me.

On Saturday, April 11th at Santa Monica High School:

* I’ll be moderating the panel “Do Popular Things Automatically Suck?” with lovely YA authors Victoria Aveyard, Danielle Paige, Morgan Rhodes, and Maya Van Wagenen in the Gallery from 11:00am-12:00pm.

* Then, I will be signing books in the Science Quad from 12:00-1:00pm.

* I will be hustling my butt over to the Cafetorium from 1:00pm-2:00pm to be part of the panel for “That Time I Sucked,” which should not be missed.

Still not sold on coming out next weekend? Check out all the ah-mazing authors who will also be at YallWest April 11-12 here, and watch the video below for the rest of the event’s details. Can’t wait to see you there!

YALLWEST tickets




Sign Language

Sign Language

Hi Lisi,

You always give the best advice. I’ve been friends with a guy for a long time but over the last two years we’ve gotten super close. He calls me his best friend now and I consider him mine too.  We hold hands a lot and cuddle regularly. Nothing has ever happened between us and I’m not sure if he wants it to, but we are pretty touchy feely together even in front of our friends. He has told me he wants a girlfriend so maybe I am his stand in until he finds who he really wants. Or is he telling me with actions he likes me more than a friend, but is just too scared to directly say it? I need your help! 

ox~ Katie

You are full of questions Katie, and understandably so. And yet the one question you didn’t ask was, “How do I feel about HIM?” So please, take anywhere from a minute to a month and figure it out. From the tone of this letter it sounds like you’re up for whatever he decides and that’s a scary position to be in. Get clarity on what you want.

Sign Language

Start by asking yourself the hard stuff:
Do I like him more than a friend?
Does the idea of kissing him make me squirmy in the good way or the bad way?

Sign Language

Am I mistaking jealousy towards his future girlfriend with real feelings?
Do we have what it takes to date or are we better off as friends?
Am I even attracted to him?

Sign Language



So, what did you decide?

Like him only as a friend? Well, if he’s not making any awkward advances then you’re all good. Let him manage his own feelings.

But if you like him MORE than a friend then you best be getting to the bottom of this. Tell him how you feel. Tell him what you want. Then ask him to share his feelings and wants with you. If you’re truly best friends you should be able to talk this through and know that your relationship will survive. If it doesn’t, well, Easter is a time for new beginnings. So keep moving forward and know that this too shall Passover. (Sorry, I had to.)

Happy All-idays



Why limit spring cleaning to your closet when you can tidy up your tired old attitude too? I mean, sulking is so last season.


Still obsessing over that boy who ended up dating someone else? Make like a rainbow and get over it. There are reasons why relationships don’t work out. What good came of him not choosing you? And don’t say, “nothing.” Come up with five good things and then read them every morning before you start your day. Think of all the new people you can fit in that heart of yours once the barnacles are out and you’ve made space.


Blowout or betrayal with a good friend this year? Grudges only punish the one holding them. Imagine carrying around two suitcases—no wheels—filled with bricks. Wait, you don’t have to imagine it. You’ve been lugging those things around for months and it’s painful. Go dump those bricks in front of you ex-friend’s house, ring the doorbell then run away. Notice how fast you move without all that extra weight?


Envy is a dusty feeling that keeps us from seeing clearly. So let me clear things up. We’re all flawed. We’re all fortunate. Focus on the fortunate. Yep, that simple.


When was the last time you let fear of failure stop you from doing something you wanted to do? You can’t eliminate fear completely but you can be courageous and do the scary thing anyway. Failure doesn’t hurt half as much as regret. Failure makes us stronger and shines a light on where we need to focus our energy. Regret is pointless. It shackles us to the past and reminds us that we used to be wuss-bags.

Don’t be a wuss-bag this spring. Start cleaning so you can spring forward into summer and beyond!


My Musical Muses

Yes, I’ve mentioned T. Swift a lot in recent posts. Guilty as charged. And so I set off to find a new clique of musical muses and now I will share them with you. Check out these ah-mazing ladies. They all address the issues we struggle with and they sound good doing it. Here are my picks for your 2015 Spring Playlist. Feel free to name it Lisi’s Musical Muses 2015 and then blast it like you mean it!

1) Marina and the Diamonds

The Welsh-born singer made waves on the music scene back in 2012 with her album Electra Heart. She’s back and at it again in her latest full-length Froot. A good one to listen to while putting on makeup.

2. The Tuts

This English band is somewhere between a DIY garage rock/punk trio and a pop girl group. Swoon. Their songs are all about issues girls deal with everyday, along with catchy anthems about love. The premier of their music video for “Do I Have to Look for Love?” is below.

Perfect for driving with the girls and head-banging during the chorus at a red light.

3. Nadine Shah 

Nadine’s might be the most beautiful “big” voice you’ve heard in years. This fearless UK singer openly discusses her battle with anxiety and mental health in her song “Stealing Cars” off her upcoming album Fast Food.Perfect for journaling or lying on your bed, staring at the ceiling, and wondering where it all went wrong.

Watch the official video trailer for “Stealing Cars” below.

For the full video click through this link: “Stealing Cars

4. Dalal

I had never heard about European pop star Dalal before this week, but I have a feeling she’ll be making appearances on the US top 40 countdown very soon. Her empowering track “Superman” has lyrics on it like: “I’m not a victim, Baby, I’m Superman, Yeah I can save myself, and never take off my cape,” and that’s just the kind of girl power anthem we love. Watch her official lyric video for “Superman” below.

Sing it in front of the mirror, scream it to the memory of an ex-boyfriend, or shout it from the rooftops. Just let it rip!

5. Gal Pals

I can’t get enough of Gal Pals. They’re definitely taking over my springtime mix. Rookie Mag said it best: “Gal Pals create music that makes me want to grab my best friend’s hand and sneak out of the house.”

Who have you had on repeat this season? Let me know in the comments below.



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Lisi Harrison on Face Time with YallWest
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