Monthly Archives: August 2013

Photographic Memory

Two amazing things happened last week while I was visiting my family in Toronto. Okay, I’m lying. So many amazing things happened because I spent an entire week with my bloods and we crack each other up. And since I’m (RHYME ALERT) no longer in their faces on a daily basis they appreciate my humor (humour) a lot more than they used which is good for the old confidence.

But two things stood out as Blah-g-worthy.

One is this picture I found. It’s my family the day I graduated Emerson College. Em er some serious glares from the flash but try to look past that.


At the time I had no idea I’d be a writer. No idea printed photographs …


Massie: Hey, did you see that new Ashton Kutcher movie?

You: No. It’s not out yet.

Massie: Then why is everyone talking about Jobs?

I hear ya, Massie. Everyone IS talking about jobs. My niece, a recent college graduate, is desperate for one. So are her friends. We got to talking. I offered advice they didn’t ask for. Some they loved, some they thought was weird, most they knew their parents would hate. All of which I will now share with you. Because the only thing worse that putting together a resume is having to read fifty of them and still not find the right girl for the job.

1. Dress for the job you’re applying for, only a bit