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Dear EhMaFraud #2

What does every fraud want? That’s right, to be taken seriously. And you ladies have taken my desire to dish out advice very seriously. I thank you from the bottom of my artificial heart. This week’s question comes from Sarah. I chose it because I can relate to it in a MASSIVE way.

Dear EhMahFraud,
I’m a freshman in high school, and have been working really hard all year to do well in school. It’s been working, I’m a strait A student, but I’m finding I have no time for anything else. When I do get the chance to go out and DO stuff, I just worry about not getting my homework done and stay home instead. I feel like


Have you ever heard the term “Fraud Complex?” Nine out of eight writers are born with it every day. Symptoms include self-doubt, envying ‘real writers,’ and internal voices screaming, “You are a fake. You don’t know how to punctuate. Stop trying to fool people with your trite musings. And please stop kidding yourself!”

It’s painful. And what’s worse? Mine is spreading. I am about to address your questions, none of which have anything to do with writing. I will give my opinion and dole out advice. All while silencing the voices that keep telling me I have no idea what I’m talking about. Although these ones might be right.

Dreamerhogwartsbeliever on Tumblr asked: If you could cast any young stars …

Happy New Ears!

Hello my friends!

Thank you so much for your photo feedback. The majority of you chose #2 Sassy Smirk as my author pic for Pretenders so get used to this mug staring back at you for the next four books. Lisi-2013-252

It’s a lock.

After I posted last week’s Blah-g I hit Highway 1 for a road trip. The ultimate goal was Santa Cruz–about 8 hours north of Laguna Beach because Kevy, my life-crush, needed surgery. He had a sporty condition called, “surfer’s ear.” It’s what hawt guys get from spending too much time surfing in cold oceans. The water gets trapped inside their ears which causes bone to grow over the drum and ….zzzzz… Sorry, I’ll get to the good …

Photo Bomb!

How was the BOYFAST????? Do tell.

It’s Spring Break for a lot of you right now and since spring weather hasn’t sprung for most of us I’ve decided to focus on the break part. That means no blah-g reading for you and no blah-g writing for me. That doesn’t mean you’re totally free though. I still need you so sit back down and focus.

I have to put a new author photo on the Pretenders series and I need help. Which one do you like? I HATE posing more than I hate cardio. So you can only imagine how painful this was for me. Be nice.

Lisi-2013-248Lisi-2013-252Lisi-first-pass-194 Lisi-2013-327

Here’s what we’ll call them:

#1- Who Invited The Serious Author?

#2-Sassy Smirk.

#3- …