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Sneak Leak

Happy post Thanksgiving!!! I hope you all had a great holiday. As Alisha mentioned I was in O’ahu, Hawaii and I had a much needed break. I worked every day except for Thanksgiving but it felt different doing it on the deck of our beach rental.

Thanks to Alisha for writing such an ah-mazing blah-g while I was gone. I have to say, I saw her before I left and while she always looks stunning, she did seem more at ease. So I can vouch for the authenticity of her joyful ending. Yay office elf!

I also want to thank you all for your honest feedback regarding the title for Phoenix Five. The tribe has spoken. Most of you are …

Tic Talk

I’m BACK! Thank you Mark at the Genius Bar (Fashion Island) for fixing my laptop yesterday. It was only gone for one day but I swear I had phantom pains. I kept looking at my monitor expecting to see my festive desktop and it was dark. You want to know what the problem was? My question mark key wouldn’t work. I had been too busy to take it in so I had to keep cutting and pasting previous question marks and it was starting to drive me insane. But thanks to Mark I can do this again ????????????????????????!

    Random note: I can’t stop eating Cherry Passion Tic Tacs. I want to but I can’t. I’m starting to feel sick from …

Momentarily Lost

Hi friends. Temporary bad news to report. I’m having technical difficulties with my computer, which the Genius bar has taken hostage overnight. I feel a little lost without it and have had all this free time today. Cuh-razy.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a new Blah-g post and… A LEAKED PAGE OF THE PHOENIX FIVE!!!! Thanks for being ever understanding and stay tuned…



Read ’em and Write

As many of you know I am on a major deadline. Thankfully, I am surrounded by supportive and understanding people. But their understanding only goes so far because, well, they don’t really understand what it’s like to write all day. So in times like these when my brain hurts and I’m in need of encouragement, inspiration and improvement I turn to the very things that got me into this mess. Yup, books.

The following is a list of books I have downloaded and turn to every time I need support. I highly recommend them all.

Write-A-Thon: Write your book in 26 days (and live to tell about it)   By: Rochelle Melander

Because I have crazy deadlines and I need to …