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They don’t call me EhMaFraud for nothing.

If I had a degree in psychology I’d change the name of this ragtag advice column from EhMaFraud to EhMaFREUD. But until then the FRAUD is there because my only teacher thus far is life. And while my experience with boys, friends, parents, careers, writing, and wardrobes can be of service to you, there are some areas that I am not fully equipped to handle. Here are two examples from two ultra brave girls:

Hi Lisi!!

I know a girl that isn’t feeling very good about her self right now. She feels fat, ugly, worthless… She’s considered suicide. I’ve been trying to deter her from suicide, and so far I like to think I’ve been helping. I sent her 2

There’s no I in ESTEEM.

My brain is so full of blah-g ideas my eyes are swelling. And yet I’m having a sticky writing day. So instead of giving you something clunky and gooey I’m going to keep this one simple. It’s a technique I made-up (there I go citing myself again) that helps with low self-esteem. I’ll use body issues as my example because this is something most of us can relate to, but you can do it with anything.

Okay let’s begin:

Close your eyes (after you read this) and imagine yourself on a beautiful beach. You are wearing a bikini and you are tanned. You feel good enough to enjoy the day and not stress about your looks. You’re having fun.

Then …





Hey everybody, I need your help.

I was just about to sign this Monster High 4 book and send it to one of my lovely fans when I realized I can’t find the letter that came with it. I must have misplaced it during all the chaos of writing. Will you please let me know who sent this to me? And please, please, PLEASE be honest because I’m trusting you. Fingers crossed the one who sent me this will read this post!


ADVICE MASH-UP: Lover’s Block

I’m not sure what I love more: the honesty in your Dear EhMaFraud questions, the support you are showing one another, or the fact that you love my advice. Fine, it’s a three-way tie. But I can’t rest on my success. I must make like a shark and keep moving. So, today I am going to take this solution-revolution to another level and attempt something professional-advice-givers have referred to as, “bold,” “daring,” and “very confusing.”

I am going to mash two popular questions—ANY ADVICE ON WRITER’S BLOCK? and HOW DO I LAND MY CRUSH?–into one spectacular blog. I have gathered quotes from famous writers on writer’s block. They are insightful and should be helpful. Then I will twist …