Happy Thanksgivukkah


The book I am most thankful for has posted on Parade. Read about it here.

10 PreTENders

I pretend I’m writing but I’m really searching for your confessions. #WeArePretenders

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From Author to Awethor

I heart book tour.


My world–a white office with yellow accents and a dirty computer monitor–expands. The influx of new sights and sounds fills me with inspiration and always teaches me something new. Here are some of those things:

On Being in Awe

– It’s official. I am no longer an author, I am awe-thor. I met so many incredibly talented YA writers in the past month. I am humbled and inspired.

– I spent a fortune on YA books.

On Starbucks

– Employees are not charmed by my refusal to say things like grande or venti.

– Starbucks in Columbia, SC does not offer yogurt parfait.

– Everyone standing in line looks anemic.

– I now drink tea.

On Airplanes

– I have restless leg syndrome.

– It’s possible to stare at the seat in front of you for six hours straight. The woman in 3B proved it.

– I do some of my best journaling at 35,000 feet.

Most Unusual Questions I Was Asked by Students.

– Is that your real hair color? (which one?)

– How much money do you make? (That’s up to you.)

– Do you think you look like Victoria Justice? (Who?)

– Do you eat chicken? (Only when it’s raw.)

On You

– Thank you for your hugs and letters and gifts and praise and support and literacy. There’s nothing more inspiring than meeting the people who read my books. It keeps me in my chair on 80 degree days like today and makes returning to the cone of silence a lot less lonely.

– S0 does Twitter.

Until we meet again,


Catch Me If You Can!

Look up! Higher. Higher! Like 35,000 feet up! See that plane? See the person wearing the giant headphones waving? It’s me. I’m heading from LA to DC to SC to YA’ll Fest.  Join me, won’t you?



That news is big, but this news is BIGGER. I will be LIVE TWEETING (@LisiHarrison) at the events and giving S.W.A.P. bracelets away to fans.

Here’s where you come in. Write in the comments section if there’s anything or anyone in particular you’d like a picture of while I’m there. Hoping for a future shout out? Put that in the comments section too and I’ll make it happen.

A Nightmare on Oak Street — Photo Edition

Welcome to the neighborhood…

My Nightmare on Oak Street



Half Pretenders Half MH





Love this Bratz doll look.