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The Clique: Trash Talking or Talking Trash?

My friend Lauren thought she was sending good news when she emailed: “The Clique is on Business Insider’s list– 37 Best Books We’ve Ever Read! ” Good? I think nawt. My first thought was, “37? How random. I kind of like it.” My second thought was, “It’s a sign! Here I am contemplating a Clique follow-up and it appears on this list!  I heart your mysterious ways, Universe!!!” Then I read the blurb:

[The Clique is] definitely complete trash, but at the time I totally loved and related to the savagery of the girlfriend group the plot revolves around. They also had the best clothes. — Caroline Cakebread

Needless to say, my third, fourth and fifth thoughts were not as …

The Soul-er Eclipse of My Heart.

Lisi HarrisonIf you subscribed my weekly Blah-g post from 2006-2014 then you, my loyal friend, have been in the Lisi Harrison Path of Totality. That’s right, I went dark. Not for a few moments, mind you. For a few years. No more unsolicited advice about relationships, writing, and friendship. No more updates about my latest novels. No more embarrassing stories ripped from the soy-sauce stained pages of my life. The weekly Wednesday Blah-g posts were gone–I was gone. And you deserve an explanation.

Since attention spans have rapidly decreased since we last spoke I’ll leave it at this: My light was eclipsed by the three D’s—divorce, deadlines, and “don’t say anything at all.” Yeah, that last D was me realizing that