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Erin is Carin’: My Editor’s Advice on How to Get Published

Kevy my life-crush has this one joke he loves to tell…

KEVY: What’s Lisi’s favorite thing to make for dinner?

ANYONE WITH EARS: I dunno, what?

KEVY: Reservations.

(Fake laughter.)

I roll my eyes when he tells it even though it’s true. I can’t cook. And those who can’t do should turn to those who can.

So when S.R. Rhodes sent me a message on Facebook on the difficulties of getting published, I turned to my brilliant editor, Erin, for the answer.

Need a visual? Here we are last week in my office. She was in San Diego for Comic-Con and stopped by Laguna for an afternoon of chit-chat and shopping. The owner of an ah-dorable local boutique called Isla

Cellph Help

Most people would describe me as easy-going but that’s not to say I don’t have my pet peeves. Chief among them is a person who is quick to point out a problem without providing a solution. That’s just crop-dusting negativity and we don’t need any more of that. So when I came across the following list of ways cell phones are destroying our lives I was instantly peeved. Partly because I can name fifty ways cell phones have saved my life. But mostly because this cellph-hater didn’t offer any solutions.

Lucky for you, I’m on it.

Cellph-Hater: Cellphones are ruining our relationships. Before we thought that cell phones hurt our relationships with significant others, but now we’re finding that essentially


Pretenders Vs Celebs


Why? The voices are starting to blend. Below are ten quotes. Some from celebs and some from the Pretenders. Can you tell them apart?

These brief character descriptions should help.

Sheridan Spencer
Age: 14
Passion: Actress of the highest order.
Goal: To become a future star of the screen, including but not limited to; TV, film, computer, and tablet.

Andrew Duffy
Age: 14
Passion: Basketball.
Goal: Make Nobel High’s Varsity team. Then dominate.

Lily Bader-Huffman
Age: 14.5
Passion: Andrew Duffy.
Goal: Fit in at Noble High so I never have to be home schooled again.

Vanessa Riley
Age: Almost 15
Passion: Being the best.
Goal: Keep …

Home of the Brave.

Happy belated Fourth, Americans!!! Despite my Canadian passport I still celebrated. See?

USA(We have Canada, Norway, and Brazil represented in this photo. Can you spot the American?)

Yes, it’s true, there isn’t a party I won’t crash. But I also happen to believe in this one. This is a fantastic country (even though it’s in need of some serious group therapy) and the advantages that come from living in the free world are too numerous to count. But the thing about this holiday that really sparks my sparkler is that it celebrates independence—something I do on a daily basis. (Notice how I managed to make a national holiday all about me? I know, pretty slick.)

I celebrate it by …

Guest Post Today on the Office Elf Blog

Hi everybody. Alisha here, Lisi’s Office Elf. First off, I am so sorry for the late blog! Earlier today when I was ready to post this, my Internet went out and I had difficulties for the rest of the day. To nutshell the story, I never got it back but was able to find a friend across town who let me take over her desk and finish clicking “Publish” on the blog. Anyway, I know you all were waiting for a post from Lisi, so I hope mine will do in lieu of hers this week.

Lisi was in a crucial writing zone and couldn’t be torn away from Pretenders book 2 so she asked me to guest blah-g. Read …