Monthly Archives: March 2014

Quit For Brains

One of the biggest pieces of advice I give aspiring writers is to outline. And yet here I am completely free-styling this blah-g because I have nothing to say today. Don’t take it personally, my current manuscript is also feeling the chill. It’s just one of those weeks where I find myself struggling. Words are sticky. Ideas are hiding. My internal settings are on slo-mo and I can’t seem to get them back to kick-ass.

Do you think that makes me doubt my career choice? Question my ability to make my looming deadline? Make me wish I could get that clothing airstream I’ve always dreamed of and walk off the job?


And so I will …

How to Fit in By Standing Out

A few weeks ago I went snowboarding in Park City, Utah. Am I good? I suppose for someone who goes once every few years, was born with hyper-flexible legs, and has been described as “floppy” I can hold my own. Rather, I was holding my own until day two when I fell and saw my ankle snap. Yes, saw. I had a white flash moment where the pain was so acute I had X-Ray access to my internals and actually witnessed the damage as it was being done.

While the rest of my group glided into the lift line for another run, I limped to the parking lot–board in hand, pride beneath my heavy boot. Oh, and I cried. I …

Girls! Girls! Girls!

You know what a problem bullying is. You know how vile girls can be toward one another. What you might NOT know is that good girlfriends are THE most important relationships you can have in this life. As you get older and life becomes more challenging, they will be there for you in ways you can’t imagine. Guys give us tingles. Family gives us unconditional love (if we’re lucky.) But good girlfriends fill in all the spaces in between. So stop worrying about fitting in with the popular girls. If they are snots and make you feel like crap YOU ditch THEM and go find the good ones–ones like you.

I say this because I am going through some great-big-huge …