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Study this!

You have to go to school. You have to do homework. You have to get good grades or your parents won’t let you drive. So you do. But that doesn’t mean you have to like it.

But what if you could like it? What if you wanted to learn and study? What if you wanted to write papers and break off into groups to “discuss?” It’s possible, if you like what you’re being taught.

Behold the Pretenders Educator’s Guide. This baby is filled with dozens of ways teachers can school you on my series. Instead of writing a paper on Romeo and Juliet you could be writing about Lily and Duffy.


Pretenders Educator's Guide

Pretenders Educator's Guide Pretenders Educator's Guide Pretenders Educator's Guide



I know this year …

Series Strength

Hi everyone,

Alisha here, guest blogging for Lisi today. We’ve decided to start posting the guest spots on her main page so you can find it at more than one site. The Office Elf blog is still up and will be the second home for these posts but, honestly, I was getting lonely over there and wanted a little more Lisi connectivity. Go Team LH! 

Some people love to throw around the adage “less is more” without knowing where that saying actually comes from. We saw it first in a Robert Browning poem  called Andrew del Sarto (Called The “Faultless Painter”), which tells the story of the Renaissance artist who possessed great technical skill in his craft, but …

Leaking the Spill

The countdown to Pretenders 2 is AWN!! License To Spill drops June 24th and all of your questions will be answered. I know many of you were outraged by the cliffhanger at the end of book one. I get it. You were left there to dangle and the drop was steep. If the drop were an actress it would be named Meryl Steep. If it had a few girlfriends stay over night it would be a steepover. If it was the title of an Adele song it would be Rolling in The Steep.

License to Spill

Naturally you sent your angry reviews to me because you don’t know who X-Phonie is. But I made sure X responded to them. So the second book …


To know me, even a little, is to know that I detest all things cliche. Cliches are lazy and uninspired. They do not make the world go around (oops, that was a cliche) they make the world yawn. I don’t use them in my novels and I don’t use them when I’m buying gifts. Red roses for Valentine’s Day? Don’t insult me! A tie for Dad on Father’s Day? Only if I want him to cancel my birth certificate. And I will not give Mom a seasonal bouquet and then drag her to prix fix brunch this Sunday. That said, I’m not sure how I’m going to honor Shaila G. this Mother’s Day. The point it, I’m going to put …

Mom’s Day Gift Guide – 0/1

I know what you’re thinking. No blah-g again today? I had to run. But I haven’t forgotten you. The post is half written so be sure to check back tomorrow when it goes up. Alisha and I are devising a special Mother’s Day gift list just for you. None of the cliche stuff either; these are gifts mom’s going to love.