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Boyfast of Champions

It seems as though a lot of you have been experiencing boy troubles lately. Now that spring has sprung those feelings are going to intensify and have the ability to cause even those most level headed among us to spiral out of control. On March 23 Julia posted a comment suggesting a boyfast and I have to say I agree.

What’s a boyfast? If you read Bratfest at Tiffany’s you already know it’s what Massie Block suggested the Pretty Committee do when their boy obsessions got out of control. It’s a boy-free week. Time to focus on yourself, your friends, your family, and all that charity work you keep meaning to do. I’m not suggesting you delete any contacts or …

Cliques and Stones…

I recently received this letter on my Facebook page and thought it was worth addressing publicly in case any of you have had similar experiences. Also because it’s a great example of how to disagree with someone in a respectful, intelligent way.

Ms. Harrison,

Hello, my name is Judy. I am 19 year old college student studying Speech Language Pathology with a double minor in Linguistics and Psychology. When your Clique books were first released I was just starting middle school. Like the other 11 girls in my small, parochial grade school, I was an avid reader, constantly anticipating your next book release. However, I was also pale, skinny, middle class and shy–a combination that does not exactly get you

Q & Eh. (I’m Canadian, remember?)

What’s that? You posted a question for me in the Comments section of this Blah-g? Something I haven’t been asked a trillion times before? Nothing to do with The Clique being turned into a movie or which character I’m most like? I’m in!

1. Q: What’s your favorite thing about humanity? (Erica Jane).

Eh: (This question makes me feel like a beauty pageant contestant.)

My favorite thing about humanity is our differences. Individually, we are jagged puzzle pieces. Our strengths and interests are all so different. Alone we aren’t capable of much. But when we come together the picture is divine.  Together we build, heal, teach, create, explore, expand and evolve. We each have something unique to offer. And …