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Leggo my Ego

In high school my go-to chocolate bar was Twix. I never grew tired of the chocolate-caramel-cookie combo, but my love stretched far beyond the superficial. It was more about the challenge. How much chocolate and caramel could I scrape off the cookie using only my bottom teeth? On a great day–all of it. Medium day–a few caramel smears. Bad day–chocolate skid marks.

This is how I stayed occupied while my mom ran boring errands. Now it’s a metaphor for how I process rejection.

Rejection comes in many forms. A broken heart, not making the team, not being invited, not getting that scholarship, not getting into your dream college, not getting the job, not getting that book deal, not getting in …

Sage Advice

Sara, I don’t know who you are but I think I love you. You posted a comment last week in response to Julia and Arianna’s boy troubles. Was I about to respond to them? Yes! Did I change my mind after I read your thoughtful and insightful rant? You bet’cha! I couldn’t possibly compete with that. Look at my photo comment below. “Great advice Sara” was all I could muster. I was at a loss for words. You’re that good.

I wanted to call you for a private session this morning but I didn’t have your number. You see, Sara, I have been a little blocked lately. Not in a need-bran-sort-of way. Not in a stupped-up-dose-sort-of-way. And nawt in a …



I’d like to begin today’s Blah-g with a poem…

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I hate Valentines Day,

How about you?

If you are one of the few people who enjoy this Hallmark holiday, forgive me. But I have been  dumped, disappointed, stood-up, bored, food poisoned, acne infested, dateless, depressed through decades of them and the novelty has worn off. But hey, if you’re into it, enjoy if you possibly can.

For those of you who are staying home like me because you have nothing else to do would rather read, check out my new Tumblr.

If you are totally clueless unfamiliar with this photo and information-sharing site, don’t beat yourself up. Only 93.7 million blogs and


Hola! My body is back from Mexico but my brain has missed the connecting flight. This has been a week of nothing but Thursdays for me and I’m not sure why. Monday I was acting like it was Thursday. Yesterday? I made a dinner reservation for “tomorrow” thinking it was Friday. And today I showed up at a meeting that is scheduled for tomorrow–Thursday! Wishful thinking or permanent damage from my attempt to surf? Unclear. But it was worth it because I had a blast.

I hope you liked the pictures I Tweeted. Those are the only (appropriate) ones I had on my phone. The rest will trickle in as everyone uploads their cameras so I will share more as …