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Raging Glitch Part 2

I said nothing would stop me from answering your questions and I meant it. Does it matter that my video responses are coming two days later than I said? Maybe it does. But I put my heart into these answers and then raced off to the Santa Monica Public Library for NOVL’s Summer Soiree where I got to meet some of you in person. Here’s Jack from Tuesday. How cute is he?
This reader walked up and I knew right away Massie was her favorite. I can tell everyone’s favorite Clique or Pretenders character in an instant.
Special nails for License to Spill’s release.
Sheridan Pretenders Nails


I’m back in the office, working hard to respond to your questions. Gustavo, Rebecca, and …

Raging Glitch

Did you miss the NOVL Summer Soiree Spreecast last week? Yep, me too. Tech support tried for over an hour to get me on so I could answer your questions and dish on License to Spill (June 24) but I was a Spreecast outcast and we never got to hang.
Well, if you honestly think a glitch is going to stop me from answering your questions, there’s an even bigger glitch that needs dealing with and it’s your faith in me. No way I’m going to pass up an opportunity to answer your questions. NO! WAY! Ask me anything about anything on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or in a comment here on the Blah-g. I’ll personally

All The Free Things – Summer Edition

Hi friends,

Lisi is in the writer’s cave again meeting deadlines for the Dirty Book Club. I’ve been enlisted to guest blog, so I’ve done a bit of research to help you all find adventures this summer, even if you’re on a budget (like me). Hope you enjoy.


Alisha _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ summer picnic

For most of you it’s finally officially summer. But just because you suddenly have a whole bunch of free time on your hands doesn’t mean you also have endless funds in your pockets for summer activities. If you’re like me and always trying to have the most amazing adventures you can on as little as possible, then the research I’m about to share with you might come in handy. …

Letter Have It



I will share my opinion whether you ask for it or not. So imagine my joy when PaShai and Emma wrote to me and ASKED for advice. Yes, my friends, dreams do come true.

From PaShai:

Hi Lisi Harrison! I’ve read all your books about 300 times each! I’m not like any other girl that you have met. I have sickle cell anemia. And it is a very disturbing disease that triggers your back with excruciating pain..and if I don’t get it treated I could have a stroke or worse. Please Ms.Harrison you’re my only hope to accomplishing my dream. I want to talk to you about what kind books I would enjoy writing and what I would want