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Due to the tragic and untimely death of my Pretenders series, the character who leaked the private journals of five students was never revealed. Until now…

While all five had their reasons, only one of them did it. This character was male. He pretended to be emancipated from his parents because his family’s business (they made tampons) caused him to be bullied in the past. So a very wealthy Daniel Ponowitz became Jagger–the cool street urchin.

As the story progressed, Jagger and Audri became an item. The struggle to conceal his identity intensified. At the end of book 2 (the last one published), Jagger discovered that his father was having an affair with Audri’s mother. In “Fake It To The …

The Pretenders Ender



Who is X? Read at your own risk to discover the truth…

Actually, there’s no risk of spoilers because I never published the ending of this series and I never will. I know, it’s unthinkable. It’s also not my fault. My 2014 series Pretenders was supposed to be four books. I wrote and released two. As I was outlining the third I got the dreaded call. My editor was leaving my publisher to start her own imprint. There was more to the conversation but my ears were ringing so loudly I couldn’t hear it. The bottom line: The series was over. I fought for a chance to write the conclusion but was shut down. My agent didn’t

Weirdos of The World UNITE!

Massie: Lisi, are you a rope?

Lisi: No, why?

Massie: Because you’ve been slacking!

I know, I have been slacking on my posts. I am so sorry. March was a rogue month and my routine was its casualty. But I am back and ready to give my unsolicited take on life as I see it. Oh, and my excuse for not posting last week? I was visiting my dad in Florida without my laptop. I wanted to be present and come home with a tan. I accomplished both.

One humid evening over wine and Ruffles, I asked dad to describe each of his kids using one word only. He rolled his eyes and asked for another topic. I poured more …