Why limit spring cleaning to your closet when you can tidy up your tired old attitude too? I mean, sulking is so last season.


Still obsessing over that boy who ended up dating someone else? Make like a rainbow and get over it. There are reasons why relationships don’t work out. What good came of him not choosing you? And don’t say, “nothing.” Come up with five good things and then read them every morning before you start your day. Think of all the new people you can fit in that heart of yours once the barnacles are out and you’ve made space.


Blowout or betrayal with a good friend this year? Grudges only punish the one holding them. Imagine carrying around two suitcases—no wheels—filled with bricks. Wait, you don’t have to imagine it. You’ve been lugging those things around for months and it’s painful. Go dump those bricks in front of you ex-friend’s house, ring the doorbell then run away. Notice how fast you move without all that extra weight?


Envy is a dusty feeling that keeps us from seeing clearly. So let me clear things up. We’re all flawed. We’re all fortunate. Focus on the fortunate. Yep, that simple.


When was the last time you let fear of failure stop you from doing something you wanted to do? You can’t eliminate fear completely but you can be courageous and do the scary thing anyway. Failure doesn’t hurt half as much as regret. Failure makes us stronger and shines a light on where we need to focus our energy. Regret is pointless. It shackles us to the past and reminds us that we used to be wuss-bags.

Don’t be a wuss-bag this spring. Start cleaning so you can spring forward into summer and beyond!


My Musical Muses

Yes, I’ve mentioned T. Swift a lot in recent posts. Guilty as charged. And so I set off to find a new clique of musical muses and now I will share them with you. Check out these ah-mazing ladies. They all address the issues we struggle with and they sound good doing it. Here are my picks for your 2015 Spring Playlist. Feel free to name it Lisi’s Musical Muses 2015 and then blast it like you mean it!

1) Marina and the Diamonds

The Welsh-born singer made waves on the music scene back in 2012 with her album Electra Heart. She’s back and at it again in her latest full-length Froot. A good one to listen to while putting on makeup.

2. The Tuts

This English band is somewhere between a DIY garage rock/punk trio and a pop girl group. Swoon. Their songs are all about issues girls deal with everyday, along with catchy anthems about love. The premier of their music video for “Do I Have to Look for Love?” is below.

Perfect for driving with the girls and head-banging during the chorus at a red light.

3. Nadine Shah 

Nadine’s might be the most beautiful “big” voice you’ve heard in years. This fearless UK singer openly discusses her battle with anxiety and mental health in her song “Stealing Cars” off her upcoming album Fast Food.Perfect for journaling or lying on your bed, staring at the ceiling, and wondering where it all went wrong.

Watch the official video trailer for “Stealing Cars” below.

For the full video click through this link: “Stealing Cars

4. Dalal

I had never heard about European pop star Dalal before this week, but I have a feeling she’ll be making appearances on the US top 40 countdown very soon. Her empowering track “Superman” has lyrics on it like: “I’m not a victim, Baby, I’m Superman, Yeah I can save myself, and never take off my cape,” and that’s just the kind of girl power anthem we love. Watch her official lyric video for “Superman” below.

Sing it in front of the mirror, scream it to the memory of an ex-boyfriend, or shout it from the rooftops. Just let it rip!

5. Gal Pals

I can’t get enough of Gal Pals. They’re definitely taking over my springtime mix. Rookie Mag said it best: “Gal Pals create music that makes me want to grab my best friend’s hand and sneak out of the house.”

Who have you had on repeat this season? Let me know in the comments below.



Swift Recovery

Dear Lisi,

You always give the best advice. I’m in 9th grade and I have been dating my boyfriend for almost a month now, which is the longest relationship both of us have been in. For the last two weeks I’ve made him my #MCM but he still hasn’t made me his #WCW. The last #WCW he posted was a random model he likes, but shouldn’t he be posting about me by now? It makes me think he isn’t nearly as into this relationship as I am. What’s his deal? 

xx Larissa 



Let’s take a cue from Sheridan Spencer–a very insecure actress in my novel, PretendersWhen she needs guidance, Sheridan channels a celebrity. The idea is, if she acts like them she will become like them, and her troubles will melt away. The thing is, there are many different ways to handle your issue. You can put yourself out there and tell him how you feel. You can play games that–if played well–will show him how you feel. Or you can be cool and act like you don’t care one way or the other. So who’s a girl to channel? What single person can help you play out all three of these possibilities?

The problem is which Taylor should you be?
Taylor 1
You feel slighted, insulted, and dissed. Your feelings are hurt and you’re not one to play games. You tell him exactly how you feel. If he loves you he’ll realize what he’s done, and a 3D collage of you will put his sad little #WCW of said model to shame. If he doesn’t love you, he will once he realizes how open you are about your feelings.
YOU COULD BECOME TAYLOR TWO: “We Are Never Getting Back Together”
Taylor 2
Are you seriously going to put up with that? Gawd, I hope not. So what’s the plan? You can’t do something predictable like replace his pic with a model’s. No, you’re going to #MakeHimSuffer. You’re going to #TeachHimALesson. You’re going to #MakeoutWithHisBestfriendRightInFrontOfHim. And then you’re going to #PostThat!
Not only will it teach him not to mess with you, it will teach the world not to mess with you either. Two birds, one stone. #Done.
Taylor 3
This Taylor would start by knowing her audience–a teenaged dude. Did you see the movie Grease? Did you see how Danny acted in front of Sandy when his buddies were around? Like he didn’t even know her. Why? Because he’s terrified of being made fun of by his bros. Immature as it may seem, guys are supposed to act tough. Sex is the ultimate; love is for wuss-bags. Does he believe this? No. Does he mean it when he tells you how much he likes you? Yes. Does he know he’s going to be berated if he IG’s about his crush? YES! But a hot model is safe. It shows his bros that he’s not wearing his heart on his sleeve (Get it, heart-on?) He’s just being a dude. If that’s the worst thing he does, let him get away with it. It means he’s acting his age. Accept it. He’s just channeling a typical teenaged boy.
If he’s mean to you, disrespectful, rude, or anything else that makes you question his true feelings, skip over Taylor one and become Taylor two. In the meantime, you could stop following him and stick to life in the third dimension. That’s where the real magic happens.
PS.  Because hash tagging is my style, my #WCW for the week is the first person to comment this post. Expect a shout out.



Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift

“There’s a lid for every pot out there.”

“It happens when you’re least expecting it.”

“It’s when you’re not looking that you’ll find him.”

“Your Prince Charming will come.” 

Single ladies across the Internet are outraged over a twitter exchange between Taylor Swift and newly engaged Lady Gaga. Here’s what went down:

tweets    Some are saying how sweet Lady Gaga was, but most think that if her words were boots they’d be SMUGG BOOTS. (Forgive me, Father. It’s been hours since my last pun.) Personally, I think…actually I don’t think that much about it at all. And I don’t think Lady did either. My guess is that she expressed her appreciation in 140 characters then moved on to the ten billion other things on her I Do List. But the debate does bring up a good point. The idea that a girl’s life is not complete until she meets her Prince Charming is a royal bunch of b.s. After years of marriage most of them end up looking like frogs.  

Wanting to become someone’s other half, simply for the sake of it is insane. It’s also frighteningly accurate because many women complain about “losing themselves” over the course of their relationships. If you ask me, the single ones–the girls who are holding onto themselves instead of holding out for someone else–should be dolling out advice to those coupling up. “Hang in there. You won’t always have to compromise. He’ll go out of town eventually. You can make your own choices then.” Or “Girls Night Out will be more meaningful when it happens once a month as opposed to every weekend.” And “There’s nothing like sharing a bed with a snorer to remind you you’re not alone.”  

If we weren’t brainwashed by romantic comedies and the like (that end just before reality sinks in), we might have a healthier approach to falling in love. It wouldn’t be something we go looking for but rather something that finds us. It wouldn’t feel like being rescued or completed. It would feel like one hundred percent of you, with a free side of scrumptous, nutritious, fat-free fries. Something wonderful added bonus. Something extra we never needed or asked for or even knew was existed. Something that brings flavor to our already delicious single-patty lives. Napkin optional. 

amanda bynes

Old school Bynes never lets me down.



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