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Dear Lisi,

You always give the best advice. I am super shy and quiet with people I don’t know well yet. It’s BAD. The worst part is that the guy I like is really shy too and now I’m wondering if I have zero chance with him if he also thinks I’m intimidating. Can you give me any tips on how to seem more approachable? Help!
~ Em


Dear Em,

You are the perfect candidate for the SEA Method.  This highly developed social tool (I made it up) has been scrutinized by behavioral psychologists (me)  and has proven (to me) to be the best tool for letting others (crushes) know that behind those downcast eyes is a girl



YALLWEST over the weekend was a blast. For those who couldn’t make it I’m sad we didn’t get our face time in, but I’ve included some highlights below to make up for it. Here’s a very behind the scenes look to start off.



I moderated the panel “Do popular things automatically suck?” Turns out they don’t. Lovely authors Maya Van Wagenen, Danielle Paige, Victoria Aveyard and Morgan Rhodes were panelists.


My dear friend and famed editor Erin Stein sniper snapped this shot of me moderating panelists in leather leggings. Realized when I got home I’d worn them backwards. At least in person I pretended to be cool (#WeArePretenders 24/7) and some people actually bought it, as evidenced …

Face Time with YallWest



I know I haven’t had much face time with you lately. In case you miss my mug Google “Lisi Harrison images,” then drain all color from my face and replace my ah-dorable outfit with something ill-fitting and typically worn when flu-like symptoms kick in. Yes, I’ve spent the winter hibernating in my writer’s cave working on my adult novel The Dirty Book Club and mama misses the wonderful world of YA. To prove it, I’ll be at Yallwest Saturday, April 11th. What’s Yallwest? Only the most ah-mazing YA book festival eva! Here’s a rundown of where you can find me.

On Saturday, April 11th at Santa Monica High School:

* I’ll be moderating the panel “Do Popular Things …

Sign Language

Sign Language

Hi Lisi,

You always give the best advice. I’ve been friends with a guy for a long time but over the last two years we’ve gotten super close. He calls me his best friend now and I consider him mine too.  We hold hands a lot and cuddle regularly. Nothing has ever happened between us and I’m not sure if he wants it to, but we are pretty touchy feely together even in front of our friends. He has told me he wants a girlfriend so maybe I am his stand in until he finds who he really wants. Or is he telling me with actions he likes me more than a friend, but is just too scared to directly