The Majority Report

Just when you thought you’d seen the last of pie charts and percentages for the summer, I give you this. The results of last week’s Gracelet poll. I wasn’t kidding when I said only 200 could vote because I didn’t pay for the upgrade but somehow an extra 128 of you made it in anyway. Love that. Clearly silver/turquoise was a favorite so we will make that one for sure. I sent your results to the designer so she can give you what you want and I’ll keep you posted with updates. I’m so glad you’re as excited as I am for these. They’re going to be ah-mazing.


Okay, enough math. Another thing we get to lose during the summer is our outerwear. And yet, I offer you this jacket!!! (And one very fine example of a transitional sentence.)

The final cover for Pretenders. You chose that picture of me, remember?

FINAL Pretenders Jacket


I ah-dore how well we all work together.


Lisi (Unless you think I should change my name. Maybe we’ll vote on that next week.)

P.S. That picture of BeeBee was taken yesterday after she had 22 teeth pulled. I love you Beebs!


The brilliant jewelry design team at Gorjana & Griffin has come up with yet ah-nother Gracelet design and this one is even better than the one I showed you last week. The envelope is smaller and it’s on macrame instead of long leather cord. Why wrap your wrist like a mummy when you can stack it with a chummy? That’s right, I made a bad rhyme. Judge if you must but you know I have a point. The small envelope and tight macrame weave makes these Gracelets easier to stack than the bulkier ones I showed you last week. And since most of you will be using them as friendship bracelets, and since most of you are outrageously popular, you’re going thank me for the single strand.

So, issue number one is solved. A more streamlined design so you can stack ’em like hotcakes. The next issue is palate. Take the following poll and tell me which color combo is your favorite. We will probably offer six but if there are some colors here that don’t get chosen we will swap them out for others. So weigh in. This poll can only accept 200 responses (because I’m too cheap to upgrade) so hurry up and cast your vote before it fills up. I’ll announce the winners next week. If there’s a color you love but don’t see let me know in the comments section. Help me help you.

gracelets macrame



Flight Risk

My ah-mazing editor Erin Stein flew in from NYC today. We were going to spend the day in Laguna doing all sorts of author-editor activities and I was all set to have you tag along. My plan was to take tons of pictures and post them on today’s blah-g. Of course I would include charming captions so you could experience the love, laughter, and synergy first hand. In my mind it was going to be an ah-dorable, informative, and entertaining post.

Erin was due to land at LAX around noon and arrive at my office at 1pm. From there we would power-lunch somewhere fabulous with an unobstructed view of the surfers. We would talk about life in New York, my fall book tour, our pets, our life-crushes, and our outfits. Once we got that out of our systems we’d head over to Gorjana’s design studio and look at the samples of my Gracelets. They just arrived and I was told we could take one or two home with us if we were good. From there we’d get lattes and  go back to my office so I could pitch my outline for Pretenders book #2 and pray that Erin approved so I could start writing. After that we’d probably wander the streets, shop, get a gellato, and share spaghetti like Lady and the Tramp.

But NO!


sad erin

 Here she is, live from the Hertz rent-a-car line where she JUST arrived. She is wearing a cute lace shirt and I only get to see the neckline. How is that fair? I had to pitch my book to her over the phone while she grumpily waited for her Ford Taurus. Each one of those cards represents a character’s story. It’s elaborate.


(FYI- I intentionally took a blurry pic so you couldn’t read the cards.) The thing is, I am terrible at pitching my ideas. They are usually a little out there and are much better in the actual book than they are when I’m trying to describe them. Just ask Erin. She is terrified by what I just tried to sell her. Terr-i-FIED!

Oh, and the Gracelets? They were delivered to my office instead. At least some good came of the day.graelets

Sadly, not for Erin. This was for her.


Is there a point to this Blah-g? I’m sure we could find a one if we tried. Like, don’t miss your flight, or don’t pitch books over the phone, or always have a back up blah-g idea in case your first one falls through. But in the writing world that’s called being “too on the nose” aka too obvious and Erin would not approve of that. So the moral of this blah-g is find a way to make it work. It might not be what you planned, it might not even be good, but it can still be something.


Lisi (I even showered for you. Okay, enough. I’m over it.)



Oscar winners love saying, “stay true to yourself.” And we mostly know that means if we’re really into, say, soccer, we shouldn’t try out for the swim team simply because the popular girls are. We should stick with soccer. But it’s more than that. Staying true to yourself really means feeling good about your choices, even when others don’t approve. Because, believe me, not everyone will approve. But if your decisions come from that quiet confident place inside of you, the place that is full of genuine integrity and passion, you will never have a single regret.

Yesterday, this assertion was proven to me after I read the following comment from Disgusted Grandmother. She did not like The Clique one little bit. But since I am confident in my message, comments like hers don’t upset me. They make me think DG didn’t get it. Even if she did get it and still didn’t like what I had to say in The Clique, I’m not bummed. She is entitled to her opinion and I think it’s nice that she gives a gosh-darn-dilly about what her granddaughter reads. (I could have done without the “whore” reference but I’ll save that for my blog on irony.)
June 3, 2013 at 8:11 am
Really, Lisi? REALLY?? Your books are TRIPE! I’m a guardian grandmother, and i am APPALLED at the amount of low self-esteem your books perpetuate in young girls. I am SICK of girls being bombarded with media that focuses first on what they wear; second on how they look; and third on how mean, self-centered, and vicious they can be. There is a story on your website about a young girl who is feeling ostracized and lonely …. you recommend therapy. Unfortunately, so many of our young girls NEED therapy because they are inundated with media (including books) that promote bullying, revenge, and low self image. Congratulations … your Emerson degree has done you proud. And-YES- i HAVE read some of what you have written … I am NOT impressed. PLEASE:: if you truly wish to make a difference for young girls, pen books that focus on achievement (not the beauty/popularity kind), on young women supporting their peers’ endeavors (art, academic, equality based on substance, not who’s wearing the latest fashionista fad), and a sense of self worth that emanates from INSIDE. OR:: failing that, have the decency to market your books to high schoolers. I am tired of telling a Girl i love, who has incredible talent, creativity, and love to give that the clothes she wants to wear because “everyone else is” would make her look like a whore. What’s saddest: i used to tell her that “real” girls don’t act like the characters in books like “Clique” or “Monster High;” unfortunately,I am no longer sure that is true. A Disgusted Grandmother

It’s easy for me not to personalize DG’s message because Haylee and so many others DID get it. And I write for them.

Haylee says:
June 4, 2013 at 10:39 am
I am an avid follower of Lisi’s books and haven’t been commenting much lately, but your comment got me to thinking so I thought I should answer. First of all, I find it sweet that you’re worried about your granddaughter’s well-being but I think your’s and her’s interpretation of this series is too black and white for my taste. Lisi has specifically stated on her blog a few months ago that the intention behind creating the Clique was inspired because of her time at MTV and that it was to show how Claire Lyons triumphed in the face of bullying (though in the beginning the abuse of those girls DID crush her and she tried to change herself simply to be more accepted just because she was a girl with no group of gorgeous friends, money or designer clothes she eventually went back to the people who liked her for her, Cam and Layne. And eventually the PC recognized her strength and became friends with her but even if they hadn’t I’m sure that she’d still stick by the people that genuinely love her.) And I disagree with you about the Clique having no substance at all, I think Lisi went to nice lengths to show some depth even in some of the “popular” characters such as Dylan Marvill, whose insecurities with her body image and the way she struggled throughout it is something I’m sure every girl can relate to and I also disagree about Lisi trying to “glorify” looks and making them out to seem like if you try to look good BOOM automatically everything is perfect which isn’t the case in what I said before. And there are a few characters in the series such as Layne which can count as supportive and it would be unrealistic if every character in the series were to be like that which is a sad fact of life but the only thing we can do is deal with it and maintain our self-esteem. And I’d really wish that you’d continue through reading through all the books and learn about the character journeys and interpret things in a broader matter if you’re interested. Also I don’t think this book series necessarily for HS people as the characters in it are 12/13 years old and it doesn’t contain anything graphic or any really harsh swears such as the f bomb. And I also don’t like your usage of whore, but I do get that you don’t like that your granddaughter wants to wear a kind of clothes just because her peers are wearing it. BTW I’m a liberal. (I’ll finish this essay later though, I have to go out.)

Haylee says:
June 4, 2013 at 11:18 am
And I also don’t think you can determine whether or not girls in general act like the girls in these. Some can relate, some can’t. I don’t think it’s wrong to love a character the most out of others as we all go through different things in life. Plus, judging that your girl may be of middle grade, encourage her to discover herself and develop her hobbies and maintain her strengths instead of going back on her beliefs for the sake of others and I’m sorry to hear that she’s been experiencing this Also I think you misunderstood the message of Monster High, I stopped reading the series after Lisi stopped writing it so I don’t know about the newer books but from what I remember it showed Frankie experiencing prejudice and her learning that it’s OK to be herself and working for RAD rights instead of just hiding her true self behind makeup and making a difference in the world.
Lisi, I hope I did you justice writing this as I’m not as good with words compared to the some of you and I can’t wait for Pretenders
~ Haylee

Haylee, I was going to respond but you did it much better than I ever could. Thank you for understanding and taking the time. DG, thank you for writing as well. I know you were being true to yourself too, and therefore won’t regret referring to my books as tripe–in all caps.