Monthly Archives: June 2013

The Majority Report

Just when you thought you’d seen the last of pie charts and percentages for the summer, I give you this. The results of last week’s Gracelet poll. I wasn’t kidding when I said only 200 could vote because I didn’t pay for the upgrade but somehow an extra 128 of you made it in anyway. Love that. Clearly silver/turquoise was a favorite so we will make that one for sure. I sent your results to the designer so she can give you what you want and I’ll keep you posted with updates. I’m so glad you’re as excited as I am for these. They’re going to be ah-mazing.


Okay, enough math. Another thing we get to lose during the …


The brilliant jewelry design team at Gorjana & Griffin has come up with yet ah-nother Gracelet design and this one is even better than the one I showed you last week. The envelope is smaller and it’s on macrame instead of long leather cord. Why wrap your wrist like a mummy when you can stack it with a chummy? That’s right, I made a bad rhyme. Judge if you must but you know I have a point. The small envelope and tight macrame weave makes these Gracelets easier to stack than the bulkier ones I showed you last week. And since most of you will be using them as friendship bracelets, and since most of you are outrageously popular, you’re …

Flight Risk

My ah-mazing editor Erin Stein flew in from NYC today. We were going to spend the day in Laguna doing all sorts of author-editor activities and I was all set to have you tag along. My plan was to take tons of pictures and post them on today’s blah-g. Of course I would include charming captions so you could experience the love, laughter, and synergy first hand. In my mind it was going to be an ah-dorable, informative, and entertaining post.

Erin was due to land at LAX around noon and arrive at my office at 1pm. From there we would power-lunch somewhere fabulous with an unobstructed view of the surfers. We would talk about life in New York, my …



Oscar winners love saying, “stay true to yourself.” And we mostly know that means if we’re really into, say, soccer, we shouldn’t try out for the swim team simply because the popular girls are. We should stick with soccer. But it’s more than that. Staying true to yourself really means feeling good about your choices, even when others don’t approve. Because, believe me, not everyone will approve. But if your decisions come from that quiet confident place inside of you, the place that is full of genuine integrity and passion, you will never have a single regret.

Yesterday, this assertion was proven to me after I read the following comment from Disgusted Grandmother. She did not like The Clique one …