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How to Have a Summer Crush Without Getting Crushed.

School is out, tans are on point, and the sweet smell of SPF 50 is in the air. Call yourself a trash compactor, baby, because you are ready to crush. But here’s the problem: crushes are called crushes because hearts are literally getting crushed in the process. And you know what that means? Come mid-August the ground will be covered in shards of broken hearts. That leaves you and a pair of tweezers nipping at your freshly pedicured foot as you try to pluck out the splinters of pain. 

Or, you can crush-proof your summer with the handy-dandy-no-tweezers-necessary (unless-you-have-a-unibrow) method I like to call V.A.G. Now remember it’s not for everyone. Just those of you who don’t mind saying, “I’m …

Ass Packwards.

You know how people say, “The house could have been burning down and I still wouldn’t have noticed…” Well, I didn’t say it, my friends, I lived it.

Last month, on Saturday, June 2, I spent the afternoon working on my new middle-grade novel and I was in the zone. Deep, deep, deep. Yes, I heard sirens and the whirring blades of the helicopters, but did they register? No. No, they did not.

The fifteen years I spent living in NYC had dulled my senses to those sounds. The fifteen years I spent writing and blocking out distractions, dulled them even further. So, it literally took a call from the police, followed by a megaphone announcement outside my house to …