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Let’s get right to it: 1) Hurricane Sandy BLOWS! Pun intended? Sure, why not? I am thinking about all of you on the east coast who have been displaced from your homes, left without power and forced to cook food like my friend Cheryl. Look she’s making lunch for her kids. I am not kidding.

It’s so like her to still look good.

2) If you find yourself in Laguna Beach tonight and you happen upon this house,

dressed like a Monster High character, I will give you a SIGNED BOOK along with a serious amount of candy.

3) Look what I have gotten myself into. Help out of you can. If not sit back and watch me deteriorate over …

Group Shrug

A promise is a promise. And last Wednesday I promised to take Seventeen’s flirty text message ideas to the streets to find out how boys would react to them. And so I did. I am lucky enough to live in a neighborhood that is infested with skateboarders. They ride the streets with cameras strapped to their helmets so they can record their ongoing efforts to break the sound barrier. Since I give them rides to the top of the hill on my golf cart they were kind enough to answer my questions. And since they are under 18 I was legal enough not to post their faces.

   But trust me on this…Ahhhh-dorable.

1. Hey good lookin’ what’s cookin?

James, 15: …

How to Rush the Crush: Advice for Jordan and millions of others.

I spend most Wednesdays dolling out advice no one asked me for. That’s what older people do when we’re not complaining about aches and pains. We can’t help it. We’ve already been through what you’re going through and it hurts us to watch you struggle. Yes, I know we’re supposed to stand back and let you learn from your mistakes. But if someone could have told me how NOT to get my heart broken or how NOT to embarrass myself in front of a crush I would have gladly listened. Of course I would have written them off as geriatrics who couldn’t possibly understand what I was dealing with. But maybe some of it would have seeped in.

Does it …

Faking Amazing.

A show of hands  if you feel confident today.

I didn’t see any so I assume your self-esteem is close to mine–somewhere between the sole of my wedge and the depths of hell. October will do that to a girl. Tans are fading, homework is piling up, and our exciting new back-to-school outfits are sooo last month.

I mean look at this hair!!!

It would appear as though all hope is lost. Or at the very least, my brush. But I seriously hate being unhappy. Okay fine, I like it for a few minutes because unhappy can be kind of funny.  But after I milk some laughs from my pathetic situation I prefer to feel good. So here are five …